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    If you suffer from seb derm you may find that the coconut oil makes this flair. I have used coconut oil before and it caused my seb derm to get much worse.


    As Natihini mentioned You might like to look at this link on perioral dermatits


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      I'd like to point out that at first your body will retrace previous symptoms as a part of the healing process known as the Herxheimer Reaction. Things normally get worse before they can get better. They sure did with me, which sucked at first - but i'm glad I stuck with it.

      That being said, i've never had a noticeable case of seb derm, so I cannot attest to that. But I do know that coconut oil helped with my overall health, and more importantly, my overall skin health.

      For me personally, raw, crushed Garlic has been more effective at diminishing facial redness, but coconut oil definitely has it's strong place in my diet.


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        Originally posted by fut View Post
        Things normally get worse before they can get better. They sure did with me, which sucked at first - but i'm glad I stuck with it.

        How did things get worse for you at the beginning...what symptoms did you experience ?

        Did you experience more flushing as part of the die off reaction?


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          I didn't experience an increase in Flushing - Flushing is something i've already battled and dealt with - it doesn't effect me anymore.

          In regards to healing reactions, the day I started taking coconut oil I got several new large spots on my face the very same day when I had been 100% clear for two weeks prior.

          I had a feeling this would happen - coffee enemas have dramatically lessened my die off reactions. Now my skin is more supple and healthier while on 4-5 tablespoons a day of VCO.


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            Well the coconut oil is definitely helping the seb derm for me. I got another pimple on the side of my cheek so I stopped putting it there and within a day it was all flaky and scaly again. After two days I put some on again and the flaking went away - the pimple cleared up too. Nevertheless I think the coconut oil is causing these minor breakouts. Since I started using it I get a pimple on the cheek now and again, once a week, and it generally clears up in a couple of days. Usually I only have an occasional blemish here - every few months - although it takes ages to clear up.

            Fut, how on earth do you manage to consume 4-5 tbsps/day? I put a tbsp in my porridge in the morning but after that I get a bit fed up with it and don't want to eat any more. Do you cook with it? Put it on things? In things?


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              When following Bee's Anti Candida Diet for Overall Health (which I believe will cure my Rosacea for good once Candida is brought back to a benign and necessary bacteria), it is necessary to take 6 Tablespoons of VCO a day. Once Candida has been cured then a maintenance dose of 3 Tablespoons a day should be administered.

              Most of my VCO is taken simply by swallowing a tablespoon and rinsing with water. It doesn't taste bad at all.

              Coconut OIl is the best oil to cook with. It doesn't break down in high temperatures like other oils. I use one tablespoon to coat my pan when I make eggs and bacon everyday.


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                I think coconut oil is really great stuff. It will not cause the skin to become oily when used topically, so I would be very surprised if it could cause one to get pimples. I also helps the skin absorb moisture better. As far as how to take it orally...I know many people who put it in their coffee or tea. If you don't love the taste of it, you could also add a little flavored coffee creamer to help mask the taste a little. You can also add it to smoothies or shakes, or use it when cooking. You can find many recipes the use coconut oil. Good luck.

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                  naturalhealth please let us know if you are affiliated with the website you linked us to. I removed the link because this is the second time you were asked this question.


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                    So I started the coconut oil treatment again (every other day - using zz-cream also) and I'm getting the same breakouts as before except they aren't breakouts - it's like I get hives at the base of my neck on both sides. Any clue as to what this could be? Oh to have perfect skin...


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                      Can I suggest you start with taking Coconut Oil Internally. It's more important for your skin then applying it topically.


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                        Will give it a try. The rash I got when applying coconut oil is actually exzema. I have no idea why the coconut oil brought this out but I never had it before. Weird!


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                          I have been using coconut oil in the evening and jojoba oil in the morning for a week now and now I got a horrible break-out on my nose! It's just all red! Not that I haven't had this kind of breakout before but it always sucks ****ing big time.


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                            As I posted earlier I got a "rash" on my neck from using coconut oil and it turned out to be excema. I stopped using the coconut oil and it's pretty much gone away (which makes no sense). I think Fut also mentioned somewhere that coconut oil can cause a dying off period - what exactly is dying of I have no idea.


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                              Dying off is a symptom of using strong anti fungal / anti bacterials as a part of detoxification. It is known in the medical community as the Herxheimer reaction ( )

                              Here's a snippet of a question I asked on the Candida Yahoo Group:

                              I believe there to be some impact on my chronic Redness (Rosacea) with
                              what's going on inside of me with Candida and being toxified.

                              I know Niacin is a staple supplement of Bee's Candida Diet, however,
                              Niacin has been known to cause flushing which is not good for Rosacea
                              sufferers. How important is Niacin in this regimen, is it advisable
                              for Rosacea sufferers to stay away from it, or would it be option to
                              dode on and off Niacin during certain times of detox?

                              +++Hi Geo. Why wouldn't it be good to open up blood vessels and even
                              the smalled capillaries with niacin when you have Rosacea? Rosacea is
                              mainly caused by toxins coming out through the skin, and Niacin (B3)
                              clears out toxins through the skin. Also opening up blood vessels,
                              etc. means more nourishing blood can be brought to the area for healing.



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                                Just an update to say that things are still going well for me with the coconut oil. After so many weeks of success I decided to bring some coconut oil to the melting point and then as it began to solidify again I added some active ingredients (green tea, phytosterols, CoQ10, 4-ethoxybenzaldehyde, boswellia serrata, niacinamide, anti-oxident booster) that I purchased from SAS and was previously using mixed in aloe. This improved the coconut oil marginally.

                                I also believe that the breakouts on the side of my face may not have been from the coconut oil after all. I ran out of a supplement that I was taking (one of those phytogreens ones) and I hated it anyway because it made me feel very tired, so I didn't bother getting any more. After that the breakouts cleared up.