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  • The best zinc soap bar

    Need to clean my face with a safe soap bar
    Before I mean long time ago I was using aderma oat bar but I noticed stearic acid and one other bad component that can feed Malassezia.
    I saw a lot of people using noble zinc bar or Derma harmony but what's the best. Between the two.
    Actually I am using tom busby shampoo and lotion but need a cleansing soap bar too that don't feed Malassezia.

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    Any idea safe Malassezia for face wash under shower.
    Without surfactants
    Without PEG
    Without alcohol
    Without sillicone or fatty acids
    Without glycerin
    And safe for Malassezia
    It's for seb derm mainly on the forehead, temples, hairline with red patches.
    I got a rash last Monday and I am using Tom busby shampoo and lotion now but need a face wash cause before I used an oat soap bar but there are bad ingredients inside like stearic acid, PEG-45 PALM KERNEL GLYCERIDES and PRUNUS AMYGDALUS DULCIS (SWEET ALMOND) OIL (PRUNUS AMYGDALUS DULCIS OIL)
    And all those ingredients are bad I think regarding the list of bad ingredients established by

    And also

    Thks for your replies
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      Have you considered sulphur, which has been used for a long time to treat rosacea? One sulphur soap bar to consider and here is another.
      Brady Barrows
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        I talk about seb derm


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          All the 3 bar soap contains bad ingredients like olive oil that feed Malassezia.
          There is a natural zinc or sulfur soap without fatty acid like oilive oil?


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            Originally posted by hart07 View Post
            All the 3 bar soap contains bad ingredients like olive oil that feed Malassezia.
            There is a natural zinc or sulfur soap without fatty acid like oilive oil?
            If you ever find a zinc or sulphur soap that doesn't contain olive oil or other oil that feeds malasssezia please post it in this thread you created.

            In the meantime, have you considered Ivory Original Soap Bar or the Sisley Soapless Facial Cleansing Bar? Another option is to use Tom Busby's Aqua Vive Shampoo Body Wash. Tom Busby is RF's expert extraordinaire on SD and he says olive squalane oil is ok ingredient in his shampoo/body wash. If Tom would chime in on this that would be nice. I just re-read your first and second post that you are already using it! My bad. You would think that using Aqua Vive as a cleansing treatment would be good enough. You really think you need more cleansing?

            The only other suggestion is to browse through the list of RRDi cleansers in our affiliate store.
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            Brady Barrows
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              I use tom busby shampoo and lotion I think there are fine I am using it for 9 days only for hair, and forehead (shampoo)
              And lotion for hairline and forehead where are the red areas or spots.
              But don't use it on the nose and cheeks.
              Before was using an oat soap bar from Aderma but I saw that stearic acid, sweet almond oil and kernel palm feed Malassezia so I stopped to use it.
              But I feel I need a soft Cleanser for the nose and cheeks I was thinking zinc bar but see there is olive oil and don't like it cause feed Malassezia.
              Tom busby shampoo and lotion is made with olive squalane oil that's OK.
              But olive oil only is bad for seb derm and the zinc bar contains it.

              My seb derm is located on forehead mainly with hairline where there are any red patches.
              But actually never flaky only red its my main problem and red spots flats only come and gone always on the same place on my forehead.
              Think there are fungus spots dormant they come and gone depending on the fungus and the treatment.
              Actually it's only tom busby products for my forehead, hair.
              2 products only the shampoo and lotion
              I left my oat soap bar and my bio shampoo.
              Before my forehead was dry and now since I got this seb derm rash on temples and forehead the 3rd August I got the skin no dry but always the redness and the red spots.
              Hope it will resolve my skin problems, I talk with Tom sometimes and he thinks that will be OK with time.
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                The addition of oatmeal to the soap isn`t harmful itself, it promotes good cleansing and does no harm.