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Easy face routine that works 100% for me - battled for 5 years

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  • Easy face routine that works 100% for me - battled for 5 years

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    Sesderma Sebovalis Facial Gel must be only available at Amazon UK since it isn't available in the USA. There used to be available Sesderma Snailas Facial Gel but no longer. Thanks for your regimen.
    Brady Barrows
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      Thats a shame, that's not the right product either the one you linked. Sesderma does ALOT of stuff.

      You are looking for Sesderma Sebovalis as you noted:

      They do have a face cream varient too:

      if that's something you Americas can maybe get a hold of.
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        It is possible to buy it in the USA direct from Sesderma.
        Brady Barrows
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          Originally posted by Brady Barrows View Post
          Thats amazing news! So as you can see it states 8% lithium gluconate as does the images on the UK site I use. However when I got the item it had changed to Climbazole + Pirostone Olamine. All three ingredients are proven to work for seb derm and the newer version or atleast the one I have is working amazingly as I mentioned.


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            I'm trying to find out if I do infact have an old version or a new one. Considering I can only find one image online of the tube with Climbazole listed and the expiration date is 12/2022 on the tube I have on me now, I'm edging towards this being newer. I've in fact ordered another tube from the same site just incase because I'd rather use whats working for now. I've also emailed Sesderma directly and the third party site to see if they can answer me.
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              This is interesting because I never tried any product that contains Lithium Gluconate, but it seems to be 20% more effective than ketokonazol in some studies. The product that I find in my country has Lithium Gluconate and Piroctone Olamine on the package, so 2 super powerful antifungals.

              Is this gel drying? You wrote that you use it as moisturizer, really ? Most products with active ingredients are really really drying (so dry that my skin cracks), so this would be so awesome, if it actually gives some moisture.
              How long did you use it ?
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                Originally posted by forwardsky View Post
                This is interesting because I never tried any product that contains Lithium Gluconate, but it seems to be 20% more effective than ketokonazol in some studies. The product that I find in my country has Lithium Gluconate and Piroctone Olamine on the package, so 2 super powerful antifungals.
                I think you've misunderstood. The product im using is using Climbazole (even though the website shows and states it has Lithium Gluconate instead) as the active ingredient with Piroctone Olamine also. I either have an old batch or a newer batch and they changed the one of the anti-fungels. This is what I'm trying to figure out if you read my last posts. I think Climbazole is their newer version tbh and the websites have yet to update with the new info. But saying that Lithium Gluconate 8% is proven to be just as good as other anti-fungels so I guess it would work too.

                Wesbite I ordered from - (you can see its not listed as containing Climbazole)

                Gel is not drying at all it's more like a moisturizer.

                How long, probably near a week now. As i said first 2-3 days was much worse reddness. Then after that it all just went.
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                  Hitting the 1 week mark. Not sure if I'll get much more improvement from this point but overall my skin is much better than it was. Although I said all the redness went, sometimes it comes through a tiny amount on the tzone and above my moustache but it's so minimal it's basically like it's not there. We'll see if it eventually goes so I no longer have any reddness at all times of the day, overall I'm really happy with the current situation.

                  Ofcourse absolutely no reddness would be ideal but I know to keep my expectations in check, this disorder is chronic for the most part and it has never given me periods of no reddness, it's either bad or a small amount. Saying that if I had to live with how my skin looks right now for the rest of my life I'd be fine with it. The plan is to do it for 4 weeks and then slowly taper back how often I do it, so from what I do now twice a day to once a day to like once every 2 days etc in hope I can keep the results. We'll see though, I'm used to flaring again as quick as a few days of no treatment.
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                    Big thanks for the product recommendation. I also ordered this product and on the package it is written Climbazole and Piroctone Olamine as main ingredients. However it also contains Lithium Gluconate according to the ingredients. So maybe this is the new version and they did not update it anywhere on the internet idea.

                    Ingredients: aqua, propylene glycol, glycolic acid, propanediol, triethanolamine, carbomer, peg-40 hydrogenated castor oil, spirulina platensis extract, salicylic acid, piroctone olamine, lithium gluconate, glycyrrhiza glabra root extract, climbazole, cetylpyridinium chloride, calendula officinalis flower extract, alcohol, lecithin, ammoniumhydroxide, xanthan gum, tocopheryl acetate, polysorbate20, disodium edta, bht, sodium cholate, caprylic/capric triglyceride, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, parfum, citronellyl methylcrotonate.

                    Hope I wrote them correctly.. To me these ingredients seem quite safe. According to there are 2 esters inside which can be slightly problematic, however from what I read on simpleskincarescience, not all esters are problematic, and when combined with active ingredients they can be ok.
                    I really like the ingredients.. it is like an atomic bomb in these ingredients.. 3 antifungals (piroctone olamine, lithium gluconate, climbazole), 2 exfoliants glycolic acid and salycilic acid -which also help to regulate the sebum production, and other ingredients which reduce inflammation and calms the skin and moisturize (calendula, etc.).

                    I use the gel since yesterday and it was very red yesterday and today morning and it stinged my skin when I first used it, but now it looks much better, redness went away (just a bit pink in some areas still). Itchiness went away after the first use, flaking went away. It is also a bit moisturizing as you said, it is not so drying or irritating anymore now when I put it on. I really like it so far.

                    Hope it keeps being effective - in the past I was usually disappointed after 2-3 weeks when things stopped working. However I have high hopes for this one because unlike the other things I tried, it has multiple active ingredients.. things that I tried in the past were having only 1-2 active ingredients..

                    Ps: I also bought DermaHarmony 2% Pyrithione Zinc (ZnP) Liquid Castile Soap as wash, I will use it only every few days if I see a buildup of skin flakes because my skin is very dry, I cannot use soap very often- although this is very mild and less drying than most other things I tried. Other days I will cleanse with raw honey or ACV.
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                      Originally posted by Yatzii View Post
                      Sesderma Sebovalis Facial Gel: The real winner - contains Climbazole (online it says it has a different anti-fungel but I guess they recently changed and the online pictures need updating) + Pirotone Olamine.
                      I ordered a tube of the gel directly from Sesderma. Will post later the results.
                      Brady Barrows
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                        So to update - I stopped using the soap as it was to drying to use constantly caused irritation. I switched to a gentle cleanser once in the evening instead. The gel still works well but I have started using Avene Cicalfate Repair Cream more. It seems to do a even better job considering it has active ingredients and it's focused on repairing skin as well. If you are reading this its worth trying both and seeing which one works best for you.