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Not really sure what I have..

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  • Not really sure what I have..

    Hello everyone newbie here.

    So I am 20 years old and I have had quite red cheeks for as long as I can remember. Even in baby pictures, I had rosy cheeks. Haven't experienced any veins, burning, dryness, or bumps, just persistent solid redness, like I'm blushing 24/7. People do tend to comment on them, thinking I'm either warm or embarrassed, and are somewhat surprised to know that's how they always are . When I was younger, I sometimes covered them with my hands to prevent people from seeing them. I used to be teased because of it, making always feel self-conscious about it. I used to think it was rosacea because a friend of mine has it: redness, veins, burning, the whole ordeal. I visited my dermatologist when I was 15-16 and he said that it wasn't rosacea and to "not worry about it," and supplied me with some products that did not help. It has drives me crazy that nothing I do gets rid of them! Winter time absolutely sucks because of how pale I get, leading to their redness to stick out like a sore thumb. Even if I tan, my cheeks are still rosy as hell. I do occasionally blush from exercise, heat, stress, and bending over for some reason, making me look like a tomato. I'm just sick of this..

    Anyone with anything similar or any suggestions?​