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Eyebrow Hair Loss due to Demodex Mites (or new Seb Derm)

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  • Eyebrow Hair Loss due to Demodex Mites (or new Seb Derm)


    Last year, I (M33) had a pretty severe Demodex mite infestation (I do not have Rosacea or any symptoms; it was a one-time infestation likely due to an immunosuppressant medication and/or close contact with someone who also had Demodex mites).

    I had breakouts every 2-3 weeks that started around my eyebrows, temples, entire forehead, and quickly spread to my scalp. I treated my face pretty aggressively with Ivermectin cream & horse paste, sulfur masks, cliradex, tea tree oil, etc. I also took the oral Ivermectin & Metronidazole course for several weeks. After 4-5 months of this, I managed to eradicate the mites from my face, and have been breakout free for the last 7-8 months. The infestation on my scalp continued longer and was more difficult to treat. I used Selsun Blue & Denorex shampoo there, Permethrin, Liquid Ivermectin, and Borax shampoo. I also took several doses of oral Moxidectin (stronger version of Ivermectin), and have finally managed to be breakout free for the last 2 months.

    My only remaining issue is that over the last 3-4 months, my eyebrows have become very irritated and are shedding. A lot of the harsh & irritating treatments that I was using on my forehead and scalp (Borax shampoos, sulfur, tea tree oil) inevitably ended up slipping down into my eyebrows and dried out & irritated the skin behind the brow hairs. Whenever my skin is wet, the eyebrow area seems slightly red and there is a bit of white residue / flakes & scales inside the hairs. When I wake up, there are several eyebrow hairs detached, and several more come out throughout the day anytime there is contact with water. It seems they are barely hanging on and waiting to shed. The eyebrow area also feels a bit tingly and itchy throughout the day.

    So in my mind, there is one of two things going on: 1) Due to my harsh treatments, I ended up really drying out my eyebrow skin and developed some sort of contact dermatitis; or I damaged my moisture barrier / skin, and ended up with fungus / malassezia overgrowth (basically seb derm, which I have no prior history with), which is what's causing the flaking, scales, itching and shedding eyebrows. 2) Somehow, despite eradicating the Demodex on my forehead and scalp, they managed to survive in my eyebrows & are destroying the hairs. This logically doesn't make sense, as I have had no pimples inside my eyebrows for the last 7-8 months, despite taking strong oral medications that killed off the mites and gave me resulting breakouts everywhere else.

    Anyone have any advice on whether this should be treated as a seb derm or demodex issue, or both? How could I find a New York based dermatologist that is competent in Demodex and could help me diagnose the problem?


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    Thanks for the info, BB. I have not tried Azelaic Acid, as I'm first focused on identifying the root cause of the problem and stopping the shedding, before focusing on the stimulants.


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      Np good luck
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        Thanks for all the info, will definitely consider it.


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          Thanks. Good luck!


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