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My seb derm skin is so much better now

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  • My seb derm skin is so much better now

    I've hardly ever eaten fast food-ish food, physically I've always been fit, I was pretty stressed during studies at uni by the time I became a vegetarian, which was more or less at the same time I got the idea to make my skin independent from lotions (which was nothing more than just a small habit I guess). Then a red spot appeared by my nose. I didn't use lotion to help my skin out with the red spot, thinking it was a phase or something, then hell erupted. As with everyone of you, I reckon, I have no idea what of the forementioned caused what. And as with all of you, I KNOW what a horrible, ****ing misery seb derm is and therefore I write this, cause I am better now. Something happened and I am better. I think I know what it is, I can't be positive, but I think.
    I am 26 now, **** broke loose when I was 22. Whatever.

    What I would want everyone to try is this: (Adding product photo links so you can see what I am talking about. And no, I'm not selling anything blabla don't even start.)

    Ok, here goes:

    Before bed: Wash face with luke warm water. Rinse with La Roche Posay Make-Up Remover Milk (used to be called Physiological Cleansing Milk, which is much cooler, I know), dry off with something clean (clean towel or paper towel). (
    Apply Biom8 to your face and rub it around with your clean finger. (
    Go to sleep, man!

    Morning: Use Salcura Bioskin Zeoderm ( and go about your day. Your face will shine a bit.

    Showering: Shampoo and conditioner and whatnot. For the face, do not scrape sebum with your fingers, use La Roche Posay Make-up Remover Milk and it will wash away.

    After Grahams Natural Calendulis Plus Cream (

    Notes: If you shower two hours before going to bed, use the Biom8 before bed and leave it on. If you shower right before bed, might just go for the Biom8. I have had good effects from Grahams Calendulis Plus alone, then I started with Biom8, which has just peaked the success even more. Try it. I believe Salcura Zeoderm also has a good effect, I use'em all! Feel free to mix it up, but I would recommend Biom8 for overnight. Idk why, just seems supergood.

    I've started meditating on regular basis, download One Giant Mind app and see if it does you any good. I smoke the occasional cigarette, the even more occasional spliff, I drink beer and whatnot, I don't drink too much dairy anymore, I eat meat now, I eat bread, cookies, chocolate, not too much gummybears-kinda-candy-I-don't-know-what-you-call-that-stuff-in-English, I do take some drugs sometimes, I THINK SLEEP IS IMPORTANT, GIVE YOUR BODY SLEEP AND FEEL RESTED, and I think stress is an important factor to skin ****ups. I still take MSM, one teaspoon three times a day, idk if it has too much results. I now take 5-7,5 billion probiotics a day, which is 2-3 pills a day, no biggie. AND I DO SOMETHING I LOVE, I DON'T FEEL STUCK ANYMORE IN A ****TY JOB, maybe that has affected my subconscious stress, once again: Idk.

    About me, if anyone's interested:
    I have had severe flaking, dryness, redness, sebum after showers. The whole ****load. I've been DOWN, man, I get you. Closed doors, hiding, feeling like a different person, feeling that this ****'s unfair. Wintertime, summertime, did hardly matter after a while. I've tried all the creams in the world; fungorals, cortisones, evidels, jeezus christ man, every each one gives you hope and tares it away. I've tried going raw, no fap (oh lord), not working out/sweating, homeopathy, light treatment, MSM/biotin/zink-carnosine, other vitamins, sea salt.

    My very last thoughts, I promise, may be some wizdumb here: Dry skin crack and cracks invite bacteria into your skin. Keep your skin healthy, don't scratch with rough fingers or nails, give your skin good conditions for healing, meaning keep it moistured with the creams I have mentioned. At least that has worked for me. SPOILER: If I get supersuper stressed and have been out all night drinking and hardly slept, I will start to break out, but this will cure in a much shorter time than before. I hope my ongoing streak of good skin will last into eternity, it has now for 5-6 weeks and my skin FEELS grateful, so I have faith.

    GOD, this text is long. My aim to keep it short and concise has failed. Hopefully any of this is readable and someone out there gets relief. I feel with everyone suffering from this and I wish you the very best. You are beautiful! Any questions, post them, I will be a good forum member and try and answer everything.