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How much xylitol to mix?

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  • How much xylitol to mix?

    I have some Xylitol powder and as I've heard it's good to penetrate biofilm (that is correct, right?) I'd like to try some on my face/scalp.

    Just don't know the concentration amount.

    I was hoping it would be straightforward as I don't know my chemistry units nor do I have a fancy scale :/

    Also, should it be mixed with straight water or distilled or what?


    (this is for seb derm)

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    Xylitol prevents biofilm formation -- it doesn't penetrate existing biofilms. Dental studies showed it was effective at 5%. The studies are mostly from Finland, from the 50's and 60's.

    Other research has studied the use of xylitol against the formation of candida biofilms -- they're in English, and can be found via a search on this forum, and use lower concentrations.

    I use 2% in a lotion. You can add it to your toothpaste too.


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      Thanks for the info!

      so, as I'm not entirely familiar with measurements, could that be maybe 5g of powder in about 100ml of water/solution?


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        Yes Andy, 5 grams in 100 ml would be 5%.

        Here's a simple way to measure xylitol. A teaspoon is 5 ml (of water, and water has a density of 1) but xylitol has a density of 1.52, so you would use three quarters of a teaspoon, to roughly equal 5 grams. Xylitol is edible, so using too much is not a problem, and one teaspoon would be about 7.5 grams. The purpose of measuring, in this instance, is to have repeatable results from batch to batch.

        Don't let your pets get into the xylitol:


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          That's great info, thanks again buddy