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Folliculitis from a massage?

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  • Folliculitis from a massage?

    hello tom and co.

    i recently had a lengthy massage (first time) and a day or so after, a rash appeared predominately on my thighs, calves, behind knees, groin, pubic hair, forearms and upper arms. at first, i thought it was a reaction to the oils, but it has now been two weeks and i'm still getting patches of pustules.

    could the massage have caused folliculitis on my trunk? or, should i be worried that it's something worse, such as scabies?


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    According to WebMD and other sites it's certainly possible:

    "Although most cases of folliculitis are not contagious, cases caused by an infection may be transmitted through person-to-person skin contact, shared razors, or through Jacuzzis or hot tubs."


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      thanks johnny, i've read that before.

      i'm just surprised that a single massage could bring it on?! although, i have put on weight and i wear fitted clothing...

      what next, bleach baths?


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        Hi Matthew, I suspect that the massage lotion contained jojoba oil, or some other oil that should be avoided, and it was food for malassezia. You might call the massage-place and find out what oil they use in their lotion.


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          I also heard of such cases, even a friend of mine suffered something like that. In general, I am a fan of massage, always having problems with my back and neck, so I have a specialist that I go to often enough to get rid of these problems and relax. Recently I found an equally good solution and I bought an easy-to-use deep pressure self-massager because it's so easy to always have it at home and you can use it whenever you need it, without having to go somewhere. I recommended it to my friends and they were also delighted by this idea.
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