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A picture of my face, seborrheic dermatitis or rosacea?

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  • A picture of my face, seborrheic dermatitis or rosacea?

    Last week, I developed 2 red patches about an inch under both eyes. It didn't sting or burn, didn't feel particularly warm.
    I also had a bad case of seb derm on my scalp during this period.

    The redness has subdued somewhat. But the two patches are still there and once in a while they feel slightly itchy and dry.
    The skin feels a bit rough (but it always has) and there's a couple of small bumps in there, too.

    My question is: what is it? Rosacea or seb derm? And what should I do?

    Since my teens, I've had extremely oily skin, moderate acne, tons of blackheads and blotchy, red/pale skin and dandruff.

    A couple of months ago, seborrheic dermatitis joined the party. It started off after I applied a sun cream to my nose. The sides of my nose felt very irritated, very itchy/stingy and I developed flakes of oil or dead skin.

    It's flared a couple of times since then, I use Nizoral to get rid of it. And luckily, it does a decent job.

    PS: I went for a run and did lots of exercise yesterday without the patches getting any redder and they haven't flushed or anything, they're just there. I've professionally edited a picture of my face to indicate where the patches are. I must add that the red spot in the bottom-left corner of the left circle has always been there.

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    Better picture
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      A better picture here: