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Seb Derm, Oleic Acid and Malassezia

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    Originally posted by coopx View Post
    Hey anonymous, wat do you think of this Raw honey or do you have any recommendation? i cant find any raw, unheated, pure honey on my local markets.
    Hi coopx,

    That honey looks really good. You can't go wrong with honey that comes straight from the hive.

    Personally, I use this: I can get it from my local health food store, so it's convenient for me.

    If I couldn't get it from my local health food store, I'd be ordering online, which is also very convenient. So, if you can't find a good raw honey at your local health food store, then I'd order it online if I were you. As far as I've seen in my area, they don't sell pure, raw honey at the local grocery store. So if you do happen to have a health food store conveniently located in your area, you might want to check there if you haven't already.


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      By the way, if you ever do get Really Raw Honey, don't be put off by the capping on top of the honey. Since it comes straight from the hive, it contains bits of honeycomb, propolis and pollen that rise to the top and form a cap over the smooth honey underneath. I DO NOT use the capping on my face. It's too rough and would hurt my very sensitive skin. It is very healthful though, so I take a spoon and scrape the capping off the top and eat it. It's yummy and chewy and very beneficial. Then after the capping is gone, it leaves the smooth, creamy honey underneath, which I use on my face. I've tried mixing in the capping with the smooth honey before, but it is still too rough on my face. Best to consume the capping and let it bestow its healthy benefits on the inside. It's kinda like chewing gum.


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        cool thanks, do you apply 1/4 teaspoon of it on your face? oh im not sure if i already ask, you dont do the honey mask anymore right?

        I started taking Garlic clove last night, i almost choke myself cuz i eat 1 whole clove so and the taste is not that good i think im just gonna buy the Garlic type supplement on my local vitamin shop.

        I also started drinking a glass of water with lemon on it, i was thinking i can add this raw honey to make it a little bit sweet.

        I havent started the Supplements yet (EFA, b-complex, biotin etc.) gonna buy them this weekend.


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          Originally posted by coopx View Post

          I started taking Garlic clove last night, i almost choke myself cuz i eat 1 whole clove so and the taste is not that good i think im just gonna buy the Garlic type supplement on my local vitamin shop.
          take a clove, chop it up as fine as you can, take it with a spoon and swallow it in small bits with a sip of water every time

          first few times taking raw garlic may seem disgusting but you soon get used to it

          its probably much cheaper than buying capsules anyways


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            Most garlic supplements on the market have taken the one main element (Allicin) away that does all the good, because it is also what gives garlic its strong odor.

            So just chopping up garlic would be the way to go if given the choice between the two. Personally, I take Shaklee's garlic because they leave the Allicin in it, plus it's convenient for me and my family. But if you go right for the actual garlic, you certainly will save money and get all the benefits that you wouldn't get from most garlic supplements on the market.

            By the way, coopx, I DO use raw honey on my face. Once I found how wonderfully it works for me, I never quit using it. Here's a video that may help you with understanding how to use it:
            (Scroll down and click on the play button (>).

            Also, be sure to keep in mind that taking supplements is just what it says, it's meant to supplement an already healthy diet - not to compensate for an unhealthy diet. So make sure you're eating as healthy as you can and then to fill in the blanks, add the supplements. Remember to make sure that they're bioavailable (meaning, that they'll actually break down inside the body) and that you get whole food supplements (meaning, don't buy supplements that have been taken apart like the B vitamins - make sure you get B COMPLEX, not B this and B that - get it the way nature made it - in its complex form - if you don't you'll create a B deficit in your body).


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              i see, so you dont do the mask anymore just honey facial wash. You sure do take a lot of that sheekle products, they kinda pricey though and im in tight budget so i might try other products like Nature Made, but i will get the UDO brand for the EFA.


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                I do both - wash and mask.

                Yes, I do use Shaklee exclusively on most things. I've taken it since I was a kid. As I grew up, I wanted to try other products (rebellious teenager days), but always came back to the Shaklee because it works! I can tell a huge difference! So, while it is pricey, it is worth every penny. With other things that I tried, I found that I was just throwing my money away. If all you can afford is Shaklee's multi-vitamin (Vita-Lea), then that is a great place to start! You'll definitely be getting a high quality food supplement that will break down inside your body and be in your bloodstream in a matter of 17 minutes.

                One more caution, with whatever you take, be sure to take it with a meal, otherwise it will make you nauseous. Taking a concentrated food form (supplement) on an empty stomach is not a good idea. Trust me on this.


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                  By the way, just thought I would mention this. While I use the raw honey, (both as a wash and mask), I still find that I need more exfoliation than the raw honey alone provides. This is something new for me. I am in my mid-forties and have found that just recently my skin's natural ability to slough off dead skin cells is slowing down. (It's he!! gettin' old!) So, for me personally, as I've aged, I'm finding that a little help in the exfoliation area is necessary. I like to keep things simple though, so I find that gently using a washcloth (white - no dyes) works great for me. I would have to do this with whatever I chose to wash my face - honey, cleanser, whatever. I've also tried using raw sugar mixed in while washing my face. It seemed a little rough for me, but maybe I was just pressing too hard. I may give that another try. One thing for sure, though, is that I won't use a bottled exfoliant. Too many other ingredients that may irritate my skin. Also, this isn't a daily thing. More like every other day, or when I feel like my skin needs a little help getting rid of the natural dead skin build-up. (This is different from Seb Derm - which is no longer a problem for me. It's just natural dead skin slough-off. There is a huge difference!)
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                    Hi coopx,

                    As I was going about my day, I was thinking about your question as to whether I use raw honey as just a facial wash or as a mask still, too. I didn't understand, at first, why that was such a big deal, but now I think I do. I think what you were trying to ask is whether or not I still do the raw honey mask every other day for 3 hours as directed by Auburn on this forum, right? In answer to that question, no, I don't do the raw honey mask every other day for 3 hours anymore. It's no longer necessary. But, I've always made it a practice to do more like a weekly facial mask, just to give my skin a boost. So, rather than use another product to do a weekly facial mask, raw honey is my all-in-one facial care product. Very convenient, and it works great! So, that is what I meant by saying that I still use raw honey as a facial mask. Sorry I wasn't more clear on that before. Sometimes I get going so fast, I kind of glaze over the details. But, hey, I've got 5 kids, ages 17 down to 1 year old! So can ya blame me?


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                      anonymous, can you post your whole regimen/routine? (including diet)

                      and if you got time can you explain how you got to it. (the evolution of your regiment lol)


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                        Yeah anonymous, can you put everything here (Regimen, all the supplement, routine etc..) So other people can see it , thanks alot for your info


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                          Well, in the interest of time, I'll just do a quick overview here and if anyone is interested, they can go back and read my other posts in this particular thread for more details.

                          I've always been interested in health. My parents are nutritionists and have been involved with Shaklee Food Supplements since I was a kid. I love to research health issues and I like to stay as close to natural as possible. So, for me, eating a whole foods diet (foods as close as possible to the way God/nature made them) is the logical way to go. There are so many voices out there about how and what to eat. I figure just stay close to the way things came from the earth and you can't go too wrong. But I also know that in our day and age with all of the toxins in food, water and air, it's necessary to get some good supplementation, so I continue to take Shaklee because I can really tell the difference when I do. I take the basics: a multivitamin (Vita-Lea), C, B-Complex, Energizing Protein shake, Garlic, and then other supplements that I feel are necessary for my personal health needs. I also like Udo's Oil, flax seeds, salmon, leafy greens, etc. to make sure I'm getting enough EFAs. (By the way, Shaklee also makes a great EFA supplement called Omega Guard - it's fish oil). I also make sure I'm getting enough healthy flora (pre/probiotics) to help keep yeast overgrowth at bay (Shaklee's Optiflora, etc). And lots of good, filtered water!

                          As far as my facial routine goes - I just wash with raw honey (and a washcloth when I need more exfoliation - used gently). I'll leave the raw honey on longer when I want to do a mask - about weekly or so. I learned about using raw honey here on this forum ... thank goodness!

                          Then there's the other things like getting enough sleep and exercise, of course. It's all about balance and staying as close to nature as possible. It's only when I strayed away from the natural that I got seb derm just a few months ago. I used some benzoyl peroxide to clear up a little hormonal acne. Big mistake! It killed all the bad AND the good bacteria on my skin and left me wide open for seb derm (yeast) to take over. But I've upped my intake of healthy flora and EFAs and stopped using oleic acid on my face (i.e. jojoba oil / coconut oil) and got everything back under control.

                          So, in a nutshell, this is what works for me. There are the basics that everyone needs, regardless of differences in people. But since everyone is different, we must all find what works best for us individually when we get past the basics.


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                            I was doing some research and found out this :

                            According to the reviewer:
                            "I know a cream and by using it u can get rid of the eczima .its the product of the company Forever living products and its not normally available in market but u can buy it from the distributer of the company . my mom also have eczima over her finger and by using that cream she is now free from the eczima . the name of the cream is Propolis.

                            I did some research about the Propolis and find out it came from bee's

                            I also checked the products, it comes with Cream, Capsule supplements, balm etc..

                            Though i cant find the Forever Living brand (Note: i know the company, i remember i bought some drinks from them that gives some minerals yadayada before, as far as i know they only sell natural products.)

                            Im thinking of Combining this with the raw honey facial wash for the external treatment and ofcourse Healthy diet, supplement etc internaly. I just wanna nuke everything that causing this skin disorder.


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                              So far this is the great supplement out there that has Propolis and some other stuff that help your body and skin:

                              Some article about "Bee Pollen" that comes with that supplement. Just google it and you'll see more result.


                              The good thing about this , is they are natural. So i think its safe to take it with other supplements listed on this thread. Im still looking for that propolis cream that you apply on your skin.

                              (( The thing i dont understand is, Honey and this other stuff related to it has a Anti-Bacterial properties, so this thing are just like anti-biotic?no?, though my SD is not cuz of taking anti-biotic, i read that majority of people that has SD is cause of taking antibiotc for prolonged period of time.))
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                                Update, i went to their official site and found this use topicaly, the thing though is, its comes with "Jojoba Oil"