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Back from the derm 3 days ago.

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  • Back from the derm 3 days ago.

    Well, after battling with this stubborn and awful condition I have finally sought a second opinion. FOr the past two years Ive been having a problem with the areas of the creases of my mouth, chin, and crease of one nostril and under both nostrils. It has been a constant red! It gets extremely dry and flakes. Under my nose it itches quite frequently. First doc said, sebborhea/eczema. He gace me many different things, to list a few.... Promiseb, locoid, avar-e, protopic, metrogel... Yada yada. You get the point. Second doc, new one, diagnosed perioral derm. She gave me tetracycline. 500mg x2/day for the first month.SHe exclaimed that the previous doctor was treating the wrong thing, becuase I brought all my old meds in to show her. She made it seem like it was going to clear up for sure in 6 weeks time, which I find hard to believe seeing as Ive been battling this horrid condition for over two years constantly with no remission periods. My question is, can you have perioral derm with just the constant redness in these areas with the real dry tight flakey skin? Ive seen perioral derm pics and its mostly redness with the pimples/bumps. I dont have many of them, maybe a few, but not that many. ANy thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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    im sorry i have no idea..
    but have u tried askin a derm or a lab to have a look at the flakes under a microscope to check if it is SD..?

    Isnt it jus simply amazing how derms just speculate
    i hope you figure out what it is...good luck


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      PD can be triggered by sodium laureth sulfate (SLS). It's an irritant found in most toothpastes.
      Try to avoid it two weeks to see if there is a difference.