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My flushing is almost cured-Mepacrine

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  • Originally posted by hg24 View Post
    Hi! For some reason I'm not getting notified when people respond to threads I'm on. Will look into that. But sorry for the delay!

    Tuesday will be 4 weeks. I saw the derm this past week. I haven't really seen results and was haaving my usual stinging/redness. So doc upped dose back to 400 mg for a month. In the last few days I've had a little bit calmer moments. I'm not sure. I've had my usual burning from lights and this phone, so hard to tell. I think it seems a little lighter in color sometimes. Obviously I'm in that "searching for any ray of hope" phase.

    Dr also put me on beta carotene for the light issue, which I had already started trying. But officially I was put on it.

    Nat, thanks for the great info! That was very helpful. And thanks carpsy for your insight. My journey has been so hard because I feel I've had to educate drs on rosacea meds, based on my own research. But this week I got the comment from the nurse about don't believe what you read on the internet. Frustrating as most of what's working for me is due to the internet. Including talking and learning from other rosaceans like you, Nat!

    I'm at the end of my rope here. Unable to use a computer. Having probs with typing on my phone sometimes due to it burning/reddening my skin. Flushing a little each night. With it affecting my life to the point that I can't do most anything, I'll continue to scour the internet. As much as some drs don't like it, it's helping my dr understand how to treat me and maybe the next patients that need this kind of knowledge.

    Well this phone is burning my face off! Will go, but will keep you posted on the Plaquenil progress! I'm praying I'll have a good week! Thanks all!
    Thank you for posting here, despite having such burning from phone/computer devices.. You really deserve some relief from all this, left right or centre, whatever helps you. Its a rough challenge and road to find something that helps us with our rosacea, but you are on the right track, of at least testing and eliminating treatment options. And along the way you help a lot of people by updating us about it. I really hope that after the 6 week mark you will see more defined improvement! Otherwise there might still be treatment options out here.. good luck and thanks!

    For me, I take plaquenil at a low dose of 100 mg a day still and think I am a bit less red and flushed overall, but still its pretty defined and pretty bad and life influencing. I still use a small fan most of the times and still flush from triggers. I have sore eyes that are gritty and dry and burning and I had that already before using plaquenil, but every time I use it it seems to get worse... So I am in limbo about this med. To be continued..
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    • Hi everyone, I posted earlier about my doctor being unsure about Clonidine. She ended up letting me try it but only gave me 10 days worth! I need to go back in and see her.

      I've only taken it two days now and really haven't had a chance to see if I notice a difference as I haven't been doing much but tomorrow I will be going out so maybe I will notice.

      Does Clonidine take time to take effect? If so how long?


      • 8 weeks with plaquenil

        Hi all

        User name for me clonidine has a rapid effect and that I took it I felt its effects, after it may be that it improves with time a little, it depends on people can be.

        Today 8 weeks of plaquenil, I almost engulfed 3 boxes.

        And, unfortunately, I still do not know, we had a few hot days these last time which is good for me, because summer and hot day my skin is calm, because less feeling of dryness, less reactive... I hate winter!

        And I have a slight impression to better withstand the Sun, but otherwise unfortunately not much has noted.

        I even really frustrated and I am afraid that I am so not this misfortune.

        I started a diet fruit and vegetables raw for a week, with juices, I hope it will help, because apparently must be away from acidic foods, gifts I have green juice every day.

        Here, sorry for always uncertain and surely disappointing news, I too am disappointed!


        • 4 1/2 wks on Plaquenil

          Hi everyone, It's been 4 1/2 wks now on Plaquenil at 400 mgs. I have had some calmer moments. Not as much fanning myself. But still having night flushes/morning redness when I wake up.

          I think it's definitely had an effect. I need it to do more though. I've also been taking beta carotene for a 3-4 weeks for the lights problem. I haven't noticed any difference there yet - though understand that too takes aa few months to work.

          I wondered if it could be the warmer weather for me, too that is helping. But I don't know.

          I'm so discouraged. But I know I have to give things more time with this med. Still, I'm tired of my skin constantly tapping me on the shoulder.

          Will continue to update. Thanks Nat for your always kind words. And good luck to all!