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Please respond; long-term use of antibiotics

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  • Please respond; long-term use of antibiotics


    Seven months ago, I got a diagnosis of Dermatitis rosaceiforme, since these seven months I've been on the antibiotic for three months or so. First I was drink Amoxibos 10 days 500 mg, then 100 mg daily Hiramicin, and now I am Vibramicin D (doxycyclin) 50 to 75 mg per day.
    I am afraid of side effects of these drugs, I am interested in the experience of others, whether you drink or you are on antibiotics for rosacea, how long and how many milligrams a day?
    Side effects?

    And how do these tablets help you?

    Redness, irritation, itching, tightening, papillomas, swelling of the face and enlarged pores due to inflammation are present with me.

    I would like to hear other experiences with these medicines.

    And I apologize for my "bad" English .

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    Antibiotics have been used for rosacea for a long time, over fifty years or more. Short term treatment with antibiotics are an acceptable treatment for rosacea, however, the risks and side effects of long term antibiotic treatment for rosacea should be considered and some find other ways to control their rosacea because of these issues. You may want to read this post on antibiotics.

    I have used antibiotics in the past for my rosacea but now avoid any antibiotics for rosacea and only take an antibiotic if my doctor prescribes it for any other condition, such as a bacterial flu like cold, which happened to me this last flu season, and my rosacea cleared up completely. However this course of antibiotics was short term (ten days) and I have stopped. I take Probiotics for rosacea.


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      Hey Brady, what's the name of the post on antibiotics so I can look it up since I can't link it. Thank you