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Doxycycline...second time's a charm?

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  • Doxycycline...second time's a charm?

    When I first started getting papules and pustules, a derm put me on 100 mg doxy, 2x a day. She said I just had acne and had me doing some harsh topical stuff (benzoyl peroxide, retin A) and things only got worse. I did some research and figured out it was rosacea (runs in my family). At that point I'd been on the doxy 2 months with no improvements.

    I've tried so many things since then, with a different derm...Bactrim, Soolantra, other topicals, lasers, lutein supplements, Oracea (low dose doxy)...and I changed my diet drastically. That seemed to help a lot. I gave up on medications and just did a clean diet and no harsh products. But I was still breaking out pretty badly.

    Low dose Accutane was an option but for a few reasons we couldn't try it.

    Finally we tried the regular high dosage of doxy again. I don't want to jinx it, but it seems to be working, along with clean diet and babying my skin. Now my big concern is how long I can stay on this...I don't want to go back to all those pustules...I still have scars.
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