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Thinking about Starting Accutane

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  • Thinking about Starting Accutane

    I tried 20mg/day a while back and it worked pretty well, but I didnt do it long enough (just a couple months).

    I am thinking about going for 10mg/day to help with oily skin, p&p, and large pores. Where are people getting it online from? Only place I saw was, is that reputable. Im thinking about doing just 10mg every other day for a year or so...but the problem is getting the stuff. Its really a pain to see a derm and dealing with all the new regulations and all that, Id rather just buy it online.

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    i just bought some from, but it was so freaking expensive! i just got it in the mail today, but i dont know if i am going to try it out because i know that i will have to buy more and the cost is unreal.