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Onreltea/Mirvaso bad reactions

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  • Onreltea/Mirvaso bad reactions

    Onreltea was approved recently for sale in Canada (that's the commercial name for Mirvaso) and my doctor reccomended me to use it since I have a mild rosacea.

    I started using it 13 days ago. First 7 days it was good, no wonderful but improved my redness in around 50%-60%. I noticed after the 10-12 hours the face went back to the usual red level and maybe a little bit more than before but I was happy with the result. Unfortunately the day 8 I had my first bad reaction. I was in a parent meeting at my daugther's school and in the middle of the meeting I started to feel my face very hot and it was super-red. It lasted for approximately half hour so I thought maybe the room was very hot or something activated that reaction. I want to mention I had never had those type of flushing redness.

    Next day I have a similar experience in the morning but this time it lasted for around one hour. At night my wife told me my face looked swelled and super red again. I reviewed comments in the internet, sent an e-mail to my doctor and I stopped using the product.

    I am now in the day 13 and I still having those sudden reactions but because of those bad moments in general my face is now more red than ever.

    This is a terrible experience. I will have an appointment with my doctor in a couple weeks and I hope we can find a solution; it is not just the redness issue it is the felling your face is burning.

    I share my experience because I think someone thingking in the product shopuld see this information. I hope I am one of those strange cases but for the different forums in the internet I think it is not.


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    Thanks for posting this. It will help others. There is another
    Long thread here on the board about mirvaso. Most not
    Good. Perhaps a moderator will move this post over to that

    I wish you the best in healing from using this product. Many
    Posters say it does take a few weeks. Hang in there. The
    Other thread on mirvaso may also give you some advice
    On how to calm your skin. Birdie


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      Thanks for the message.

      Things are getting a little bit better... few flusing episodes yesterday and only one today...

      My face still red but at least it is not burning as it was some days ago...




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        any updates ral?