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Elidel and Accutane Safe?

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  • Elidel and Accutane Safe?

    I take accutane (low dose).I am in the seventh month.I have also a seborrheic flare up with redness in cheeks and nose.
    Is it safe combination to use elidel alongside accutane or it is a dangerous combination?

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    Elidel burned my face so bad, it took 3 days to wash off! Depending on what your symptoms are, if I were you, I'd try a small area to test for any cream you use. My experience, every prescription cream made it worse. Elidel was the worst one for me.


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      Have you used Elidel prior to using accutane without any problems? I was prescribed this to help build up my skin barrier as a rosacea treatment and it burned so badly I couldn't get that bad boy off fast enough.


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        No i havent taken elidel cream before.If any have experienced of this particular combination of drugs of another member of the forum would be appreciated.
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