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    thanks for the report k-fish, I'll look into this. i'm currently using one BB cream (from the begining of the condition actually) and even if it is great when I am tanned, I know it might be more obvious in winter...

    Good luck as to all !


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      success (so far) with mirvaso


      I'm 22 and have suffered from severe redness on my nose since I was about 9/10. I've been using mirvaso for about 2 weeks now and I've noticed that its really helped me (so far!). Like most people I've noticed that it considerably reduces the amount of redness I have (so much so that some days my skin is 'normal skin colour') but it does wear away throughout the day so I still have to wear makeup to feel comfortable.

      After reading all of the negative posts on this forum about it I'm not sure if I should continue to use it or not - I'm scared it's going to make my skin worse! How long have people with positive results been using it for?

      Good luck to everyone!!



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        Hi ajf94!

        Have you checked out my recent post about using Mirvaso for a year? Maybe this will be good insight for you.

        And regarding whether it will get worse, my experience is "no". This particular weekend is a 3-day holiday weekend in USA. I decided to wash Mirvaso off on Friday afternoon right after work. At the moment it's Monday afternoon and I'm still not using it, and quite happy not to be rebounding anymore now. Here's the experience I've had...

        Friday night: had a small flush after washing off Mirvaso, then slowly became pink.
        Saturday: I was pink in the morning, then very red / flushed in the afternoon. In the evening the heat from the flush had subsided but I was still very red. This whole day felt like a bad rebound.
        Sunday: Bright pink the entire day, red under certain lighting.
        Monday: Pale pink! So pale actually that I skipped using tinted moisturizer. I really think this is where my baseline is.

        I'm between an internship and a masters program right now at a new school (with new people who will just have to accept my complexion). I am thinking that this might be a perfect time to stop using Mirvaso and just deal with "pale pink". It's more pleasant than dealing with flushes, and nice not having to count down hours until Mirvaso wares off. In my previous post I said that I used to have "severe redness", but wow, since experiencing the (albeit rare) intense Mirvaso flushes, I think that I would call what I have now "mild to moderate".

        Maybe you can continue using it for a few months and see how it goes. If you're like me though, it will take a couple unpleasant days to come back to baseline if you decide to stop suddenly.

        Best luck.


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          Hi k-fish,

          Thank you for replying, I just read your post! Thank you it was really helpful!

          I felt like the cream was helping me but on Saturday I started reading a load of horror stories from here and got freaked out so decided to stop using it! I don't think it would have reacted on me like it did for some of the people on here but I would rather not take the risk! I stopped using it from Sunday and didn't have any flare up then, but then I did on Monday, which was quite nasty and worse than my baseline but today I am fine (fingers crossed) so I'm actually really pleased about that. I was scared it'd take months to go back to normal like some other people's stories but I think that my skin has reacted in a similar way to yours did.

          I'm starting a masters myself too in a few days so I'm not planning on using the cream as I can use makeup as it is and feel comfortable with my skin and I don't want to risk it getting any worse, especially with meeting new people!

          Thank you for your help and response!

          Good luck with your masters and internship