The other Mirvaso thread is getting very long, with only a few posts from actual users.

I put Mirvaso on yesterday at about 10 am. I used about a pea-sized amount on my cheeks and nose. It absorbs into the skin very well, almost too well. You have to spread it quickly to make sure you dont get too much on only one small portion of your face. It does also seem to moisturize a bit as previously mentioned on the Rosacea blog I believe - my skin never felt dry with it on. I only have redness and flushing on the center of my face - not on the sides of my face, like by my sideburns.

I looked in the mirror 30 min later, and saw a very minimal improvement in the redness. I looked again about 2 hours later, and the redness had dramatically improved. I could only see a slight shade of red on my cheeks and nose. Maybe if I used more my face would be totally white, but I'm going to stick with using a minimal amount. It looked a lot like it does the few days after I have a vbeam. The redness is way down, but not completely gone. Unfortunately, with vbeam the redness gradually comes back within a few days. There were 2 moments yesterday that would normally cause a flush for me, but when I looked in the mirror I didnt see any additional redness. I did feel a hotness in my face due to what felt like a flush, but no other symptoms of a flush.

When I woke up this morning (about 8 am), I did notice my cheeks look slightly more pink that they usually do. I'm sure my cheeks have looked this way at some points over the previous years, so it doesnt worry me. It's only slightly noticeable. Curiously, my nose looks a bit less red than it normally does.

I'm skeptical that Mirvaso will work this well indefinitely, but I will keep using it daily - only a minimal amount like I described.