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First Derm Appointment - Questions!!!!

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  • First Derm Appointment - Questions!!!!

    Hey everyone,

    I joined the forum in hopes of having a few questions answered before my first dermatologist appointment in a couple of days.
    A little background info about myself: I've always flushed/blushed easily, mostly when I am nervous/anxious. It was always on my cheeks and could get quite bad, but it went away once I calmed down. Recently I started getting bad acne breakouts (more likely from starting a new birth control pill) and went a little crazy trying to control my skin. That is when the Rosacea started to flare up, and after a lot of research I was confident that I had it. I now have permanent pink-ness on my cheeks, and I started flushing more (and more easily) that usual -actually until now the flushing had been an infrequent problem. The flushing is more severe that it used to be, and even when not flushing my skin feels uncomfortable.

    It has been getting progressively worse to the point where my chin is pink as well and flares up (which it didn't used to do). I had a doctors appointment yesterday with a GP, I wanted to have some blood tests done to rule out any hormone related problems or even SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth) which I have read is a possible cause. I do get a few P&Ps on my cheeks....but not sure if its the acne or the rosacea or both(They usually start of as whiteheads). The GP was very friendly but knew nada about Rosacea (she said to me: I've never heard of rosacea affecting the chin and forehead?)

    I know the best way to avoid flushing is to avoid your triggers, but lately I feel flushing coming on even after a sneeze (I kid you not). A lot of it is stress related (thinking about it makes it come on), but whenever I get excited, or emotional, or a little too comes on. So avoiding triggers at this point is kind of like saying avoid life, which i have been doing. I stopped seeing friends, dropped out of school - because I want to avoid flare ups (especially in public) at all costs. It's not just a cosmetic concern - it can be very painful!

    I am 20 years old. I love summer, I love the sun. I like to drink with friends. I like to ski. I love running. These are things that make me who I am, and I can no longer do these things. Some triggers are unavoidable - and I can't live like this, being scared to leave my apartment cause it might be windy outside.

    I know this is a lot of information and you are probably wondering where I am going with it all. After all the research I have done, I think my best option would be a combination of medications.

    1) Beta-Blockers/ Meds to reduce flushing: I really think this is a must for me, because my lifestyle is going to subject me to a lot of triggers that I can't avoid, and my anxiety induced flushing would really benefit from it as well.

    I feel like the dermatologist will be pretty reluctant to prescribe these to me. Any advice on how to go about asking for them? Recommended doses? I am 5'4 and 115 lbs. If I knew a little more about the medication and the exact reasons it is being prescribed for rosacea, she might be more willing to prescribe them to me.

    2)Doxycyxline/Antiobiotics to help with acne + rosacea. I occasionally have sore eyes/ swollen eyelids, I do a hot eye compress and eyelid massage every night which helps keep the symptoms at bay. I would like to start off with a higher dose until my symptoms are under control, then switch to a lower dose (Oracea) indefinitely to keep the symptoms from coming back.

    In your experience, what symptoms did antibiotics help with? P&Ps? Redness? Flushing? How likely is the derm to prescribe doxycycline? It seems like a pretty standard treatment for rosacea...

    3)Metrogel - I'm fairly certain I will get prescribed this but I must say drying agents don't tend to work well on my skin.

    I am very nervous/excited about this appointment. I am scared the dermatologist will not know much about the condition and therefore not be of much help, but if she is any good and has experience, she could be a life saver. I am trying to do everything on my end to ensure things run smoothly and that I get THE BEST possible treatment and care, so I can get back to my life and feel like a normal 20 year old again.

    What are your opinions on these treatments? What kind of questions should I ask? What should I say if she dismisses my suggestions? It took months to get this appointment - I really need it to have a good outcome.

    Lastly, I have an appointment mid april to have Pulsed Dye Laser (with the beam perfecta) done. I'm really hoping this will help with the redness and flushing! I've been taking low-dose/baby aspirin daily as well as anti-histamines, I think it helps a little but not enough!

    Thank you in advance- any comments, suggestions are highly welcome!
    I would also like to hear about your stories, what your symptoms are and what has helped

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    Welcome to RF Aze,

    Might want to read this article to give you some ideas on what to ask your physician.

    I suggest you also be sure to ask your physician to rule out demodectic rosacea.
    Brady Barrows
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      Originally posted by Brady Barrows View Post
      Welcome to RF Aze,

      Might want to read this article to give you some ideas on what to ask your physician.

      I suggest you also be sure to ask your physician to rule out demodectic rosacea.
      Thank you, will check this out!!