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Need Help!!!!!!!!!!!!! (my first post)

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  • Need Help!!!!!!!!!!!!! (my first post)

    I am a 52 year old female diagnosed with Rosacea approx 2 years ago, had it for longer, but it got so bad I had to do something. The doc put me on minocycline 50mg once a day and Veltin for night only. I did well until I developed one year later, cystic zits around my "beard". The doc put me on Spironolactone 25mg and it worked very well and I didn't have any breakouts until last week. It started only on my right side, and as I type, it continues to be on the right side. I got a few cystics zits around the "beard" and starting having tooth pain. I ended go to my GP on Monday to be treated for a rip-roaring sinus infection.........only on my right side!!!!! He put me on Augmentin 125 mg and the sinus issue is starting to find relief.

    However, only on my right side, is swelling and redness near the inside corner of the eyelid, and severe swelling and redness/huge pimple on the nose, and swelling on the face. It is itchy and painful.I was feeling pain and was breaking out BEFORE I took the Augmentin so I don't think it would be a reaction to the med and since it's only on the right side it just seems to make sense and allergic reaction would cover more than my right side.

    I have an appointment with my Rosacea Dr in a few hours. What do you think is going on here! I have emphasized "only on the right side" because I think it's important for you all to know.

    Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you in advance.

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    Have considered it to be a dental problem - further than just the tooth pain?

    Dental infections are very frequently responsible for unilateral facial problems which can extend much further than the mouth/teeth area such as sinuses and even the eye area.

    May not be this but it is worth consideration.


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      Thanks for the quick response. The dental issue was brought up with my GP on Monday and he explained how many patients go to the dentist and it turned out to be a sinus issue, and visa versa. After the doctor visit and researched online the connection between the sinuses and nerves around the face and it blew my mind!

      My first step is to see what my Rosacea Dr. has to say and I will definitely bring up the dental issue. Thanks for the reminder. I am making a list before I leave for the doctor.


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        I went to my Rosacea doctor and he did his usually treament and was concerned about the puffiness in the right side of my face only. My GP had me on a huge dose of Augmentan which should have been working by then, so the R doctor said to call the GP and tell him the meds weren't working. The GP said to give it another week to have the sinus infection clear. I was not a happy patient so I got into an ENT immediately.

        The ENT took one look at me and thought when he took a look in my nose I'd have a terrible sinus infection. When he did look, THERE WASN'T ANYTHING!!!!!!! I had a CT scan of my sinues and they were clear.

        To make a long story short, I was diagnosed with what is called Trigeminal Neuralgia and it was this nerve problem that gave me such a flare up of my Rosacea. They will be putting me on meds.

        In conclusion, whenever I have a flare up of Trigeminal Neuralgia, I will get a flare up of Rosacea and something I will have to live with.

        Thanks for listening.


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          Diagnosis Change!!!!!!!

          Got into a neurologist this morning, and it's SHINGLES, not rosacea. The doc wasn't very happy the dermatologist didn't know the difference. I still have neuralgia and getting an EEG on Tuesday. For the shingles, I will be put on an anti-viral med, but have to wait for a bunch of blood work to come back before taking it.