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How I Cured Accutane Induced Rosacea

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    Oil king your news please

    Hi oil king

    You make advantage of the rare case that after the induced rosacea accutane has good results

    Me I well out of my 2nd meeting vbeam perfecta purpura 12d and I have the impression that things start to improve slowly but it is light because it's only 6 weeks I started the 1st meeting.

    Short, I wanted you to tell me the improvement that you've had for the flushes?

    It makes me crazy! This is humiliating!

    I would like too get rid of it, but I don't want to take drugs that will still let me side effects.

    I'd like an update on your situation and if you found new solution to live better thanks much expensive oil king

    Sorry I don't speak English. Thank you very much


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      Update please

      Update please

      Please friends

      There make it someone who has been in contact with oil king, or which followed the same treatment we give its opinion.

      I would so like to heal like him!

      It gives me hope me also I induced rosacea accutane.

      In any case, me I vien to my 4th vbeam sessions (3 with purpura and the last without) and I'll start has take clonidine, but also do me prescribe finacea to as oil king.

      I would of the days.

      But please someone make it this news?

      Who has tried?


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        hey there ?

        any news in your progress ?

        i too have flushing induced by accutane,

        did a 40mg / 4 months course, had little but persistent acne, was fine during the time, no flushing maybe 1 or 2 times.
        then did a second course 3 months after the first for precaution, i was seeing some little pimples coming to surface, began on 40mg again for 1 month, intense flushing, dropped to 20mg then 10mg, which has helped the intensity of flushing.

        After reading some things here and, i took off from accutane, wanna let my skin heal, plus i have 0 pimples atm since some weeks.

        i get the flushing maybe once a day, especially in PM, at diner with friends or at the restaurant or being embarassed.

        im hoping time will heal, my cheeks are kinda a bit permanent red, doesnt bother me much its really the flushing.

        im trying to obtain anti malarial drugs but so hard to get here in canada.

        any success ?