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My Story; Red face, but why?

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  • My Story; Red face, but why?

    Hey guys, i will soon post photos about my case.. i thought i was the only one in the world with what i have untill i stumbled across this forum, particarly Dan Pacifik's post (My story and pics. Rosacea? Seb Derm?). I apologize if the length bores you but i appreciate if you read and comment back in anticipation of my photos.
    THANK you!

    Reading the above post gave me a hope that there's someone else with what looks like my condition.

    I'm pretty much the same as Dan Pacifik... except worse. I've had doctors and dermatologists tell me i have Eczema, Rosacea and all other rubbish that i even doubted. God it sickens me when they don't care to spend abit more effort to think harder. If it's Seb-derm then it's Seb-derm..

    Anyway, it doesn't matter what it's called, it matters what it is. Let's see, the best way to describe my condition would be (just like Dan's,,plus): Red, burning, excessively oily AND dry/rough non-soft super crusty SENSITIVE skin (flakiness everywhere up there). When i say burning and sensitive i mean it huts like hell. As far as crusts and flakes go, almost everytime im out of the shower i spend 5 minutes manually rubbing the dead crust off.

    I don't have acne or pimples or nothing like that which assures me it's not Rosacea.. It's just always a red, and super sensitive to anything, face. I do occasionally get flushes, hot faced, but from what i may be doing, like overely concentrating or stressing from i.e. too much computer or work, etc. Other than that it would intake sources like alcohol which triggers a 'hot flush' (mind you i rarely drink).

    Sunlight, Cold/freezing air breeze, After-shower effect, fragrance, Seem to be the WORST triggers to it worsening (temporarely for the least). I don't find spicy food effects it, but like any normal human being spicy food makes one abit hotter than usual. I can't understand why it came, what it's from, NONE of my family ever had a face like mine infact they're all baby soft skin. I've had pimples when i was younger but that's as bad as my face went. I used to go to the beach for long periods of time knowing my skin was so tough and pure-white! But eventually my fate turned bad at around 15 when abit of redness appeared on my nose. I've used bit of harsh products over the years thinking maybe it's the oil/pimples trying to kill the skin so i tried Proactive LOL (i think it worsened it).

    On that note, like proactive, i tried using head n shoulders, oh boy, when i applied it, 10 seconds when rubbing it in it felt like somebody had poured moulten metal on my head with pins being struck all over my scalp, to my face where it accidnetally leaked. I never touched it again.

    HOW EVER, it's still always red with or without triggers. Briefly, it's like Dan's, it started out on my nose when i was 15, then my cheeks, and eventually spread all across my face and not surprised if its on my scalp because that's hot sensitive too. I'm 22 now.

    I've tried alot of antibiotics, tablets n such, topical treatments, different ways to shower and what soap to use and what not, u name it.
    At the moment i'm surprisingly on an Eczema cream, from the internet. It does nothing except sooth my super red/dry skin after showers.

    I will post photos soon, The red complection is noticable, trust me, but the feeling is what i care about most, i want to enjoy walking in the sun without feeling like a burning hot spotlight is being held right at my face.

    Thanks again so much guys for reading this, since it's late and i've not had time to take proper photo nor look further in this forum, i apologize.

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    Hey Amirichi, i'm sorry to hear about your case. It does sound like your in a similar boat to me! I'm not sure what really to say cos as you could tell from reading my post i came to a bit of a dead end in knowing how to treat and what to treat my conditon with. However after clfergus and slugger responded to my queries i'm very positive that i have seb derm and acne on my forehead area. After reading there responses i decided not to use any topicals on my face apart from sunscreen and nizoral to wash my face with and help with the flakes. Before i was putting all sorts of different moisturiser on my face aswell as the metro cream because i thought it was soothing my face. Seems to me it was actually doing worse. Like slugger said moisturiser isn't really going to do it much good till you've got the actual infection (or whatever you care to call it) under control. Afterall thats whats causing the dryness and burning.

    Well i've used the shampoo 3 times and already it does seem to be making a difference. After getting out the shower, i usually do a 'rub test'. Basically rub my finger over my nose folds and see if theres flakes there. Well the last time i used the shampoo the flakes seemed to come off much easier. Today is the first day in quite some time where i havn't itched at all and the redness has also calmed down quite a bit. Touch wood, hope i havn't jinxed it there. I also very apprehensively went to the beach today. I properly made sure that the sun didnt get to my face though; hat, glasses and factor 30 on my face. It's served me well.......sadly i didn't take as much precaution with the rest of my body Guess i never learn!

    I've also ordered some eurax anti itch cream thanks to sluggers suggestion and hopefully find some anti-fungal in the supermarket to help me out till i see the derm. I'm trying hard not to get too ahead of myself and cancel out rosacea but at the moment seb derm makes the most sense. As weird as it sounds i'd prefer to have seb derm over rosacea any day, thats why i have such big respect for people with rosacea. I can to an extent realise how such a thing can take over your life.

    I'd suggest Amirichi, to give it a go at not using any topicals at all for now. Maybe a light moisturiser if needs be after a shower and the nizoral aswell to wash your face. I personally don't know if the eczema cream is doing you any good at all, so i dont want you stopping that if it's helping you. Also like clfergus and slugger said, diet plays a big part too i believe. Don't think sugar is all that good for rosacea or seb derm. Of course I'm just going by what i've learnt so far, im still learning about this myself. Tis a long road


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      On that note, like proactive, i tried using head n shoulders, oh boy, when i applied it, 10 seconds when rubbing it in it felt like somebody had poured moulten metal on my head with pins being struck all over my scalp, to my face where it accidnetally leaked. I never touched it again.
      Sorry didn't see this. Maybe head and shoulders has some harsher chemicals in it. Might be worth doing a very small patch test with the nizoral and seeing what happens


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        Ahh cheers mate thanks for the suggestions, and all the others whom helped you thanks heaps. I will actually look into a proper face wash.. as i've been running around in circles. I think Water really does something though, even if it's filtered.. Just a reaction my skin gets when something bothers it.

        As far as Moisturizers go, and sunscreen in this case, my face always likes to get abit red hot and sensitive when they're applied, especcialy moisturizers. Sunscreen becomes like glu on my face and i have a really hard time removing it. I litterally have to scrub it off. It's like mixed with my oil over the hours it has been on and sticks to my face.

        Just a a curious comparitive question~~, Do you feel incredible pain around ur effected area when the sun hits it? (pain that u can't stand)

        in a nutshell, my skin's sensitivity is like when Skin is so fresh/red raw that the effect of anything is multiplied by x10000. As if it has been peeling from burning and becoming more sensitive.

        EDIT:: Here's one photo i quickly found. This is half a year ago i'd say, the redness is all over, just most tense around the nose/forehead/cheek front area
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          sounds and looks like sebderm bud,

          I fell u horrible dealing with this stuff

          regards MATT


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            I have heard the type of thing you describe many times on the forum and so you are not alone. It is common that people have used the sort of harsh creams and lotions (including myself) only to find that it makes their skin worse.

            Your skin has more general redness rather than the more patchy redness of seb derm. Were you flushing in that photo because seb derm can certainly make you flush. Mind you you say about the flaking and this makes it sound like seb derm.

            Either way i would advise that you look at this link:


            As you have already realised it is better to stay away from harsh products and I would be careful with what moisturiser you use. Oil based ones can make it worse.

            Have a look at this thread for seb derm resources:


            Best wishes



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              thanks guys! I'll have a look at those links.

              "Were you flushing in that photo because seb derm can certainly make you flush"
              As my face can flush in either form of heat, burn or colour i would have to say that night was cold as we spent most of it outside, so the breeze might've triggered and gave me a burning feel which made it red. Nevertheless, although in right circumstance it's bit better, it's never been reduced down to normal skin colour. Mind you this is only speaking of colour

              i find the best solutions to reducing any type of those flush reactions, is to rest in a dark, quiet room, to both calm my mental and physical state.

              P.S My father's suspecting it's "Butterfly Rosacea", I feel that this red colour isnt something that's On my skin like most photo's i've seen (i.e through acne or visible height in skin level like inflamation, it's more in my skin than anything~

              Cheers and thanks again
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                Have you been to see a derm at all? that would be my recommendation.

                may I ask what you are currently using on your skin?


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                  Yep i've been to two specialists. They've recommended tablets/pills that i can't recall the name of, currently i'm on an eczema cream called FreeDermHC

                  you can find it here

                  The site no longer shows the older tubs, but i get them specially ordered because the new tubs contain new ingredients which irritate my skin.
                  It's suppose to help get rid of dermatitis rash but my red rash is still there.


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                    Products you're using

                    What you're describing sounds like my skin tends to be. After years of have sensitive red skin - not pimples, thank God - but facial skin that would react to almost anything with blotches, redness, dryness, and flakiness..

                    I got so tired of trying different products that had no positive effects that I went to home-made skin care with ingredients I knew were not harmful. I went so far as to use dryness and flakiness started to decrease. Then I noticed I didn't turn bright red as much as I had been. That was good enough to keep me going.

                    Recently I read that a build up of toxic chemicals on the skincan actually cause acne and can make skin dry, resulting in prematurely aging skin. All the products I had been using were standard stuff. When I read about the products you've tried, I'm guessing they have a bunch of toxic chemicals in them.

                    Here's a link to a site where you can check what's harmful: - and one to see what's in a Neutragena product:

                    Do your skin a favor. Read labels, research ingredients and choose (or make) products with the fewest chemicals possible.


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                      The first time I used the Pure Aloe Face Treatment from the Made from Earth skincare line I was so impressed I threw out every other bottle of lotion I had. It makes my skin so soft instantly and smells so good. It helps keep my skin moisturized for days even after my showers. I have noticed an improvement in my tan too. It helps my skin tan better because it has more moisture and keeps the tan I have even if I don't go to the tanning bed for a week. I would definitely recommend this to anyone whether they tan or not!


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                        For red face I've only been using dermalmd rosacea serum about a month or so and I can tell a difference already. The sides of my face and nose are extremely red and it has lessened. It is a very thick cream but is not greasy at all, a little goes a long way.