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My story and pics. Rosacea? Seb Derm?

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    Thats great new Dan. I hoope this will really work well for you. Keep in mind, I have been battling my flare since April 10th or so. Things are starting to look up more for me but I have had a few set backs. Stress has played a major role in mine over the last 6 weeks or so. I have wanted it to go away so badly that when it doesn't I get stressed.

    Try and stay positive. I am doing the same. Slugger, J-Mill, Melissa as well as others havehelped me try and stay positive. Doing so will help you in the long run.


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      Cheers mate Yea i keep worrying about having set backs but i guess they'll happen, just got to roll with it. Right now im the happiest i've been some time i think it's more to do with the relief of realising i can control this. Been stressing lately a lot aswell, mainly about woman Thankfully i think thats in the past! Onwards and upwards


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        I've found that the stressing over woment dosn't go away Glad things are improving for you.


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          Hey everybody, i thought i'd just post a quick update.

          I've got my derm appointment on thursday and will report back here afterwards. Recently my seb derm hasn't been too bad. Using just the nizorelle i've managed to get rid of the itchiness pretty much altogether. The redness on my nose isn't really visible anymore. However i do have 2 red patches either side of my nose that don't want to budge. One strecthes pretty much all the way down the side of my nose and the other is about a 1.5cm right at the top side of my nose. I'm hoping some sort of fungal cream will budge these. The little red marks that are apparent in my picture are no longer there, infact i havn't had a flare since The only thing that is bothering me at the moment is my forehead acne, more so than the seb derm. Apparently this is related to a bad digestion system which i can relate to of recent. Not to sound too minging, but my poo's have seemed quite irregular. However i'm going to ask my derm about a prescription of low dose accutane to help with the acne and the seb derm possibly. If anyones got any testimonials related to low dose accutane and seb derm it would be good to hear them.

          Below is a list of products i've been using.:

          Nizorelle twice a day

          Paulas Choice Extra Care Moisturising Sunscreen 30spf

          and for my forehead:


          Clearisil wash

          Cocount Oil at night

          Speak soon


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            Originally posted by dan pacifik View Post
            ... If anyones got any testimonials related to low dose accutane and seb derm it would be good to hear them.
            I've have something very similar to your pics. My derm said that I have seb derm and I was prescribed 30mg accutane. I am on my 9th day and I am just now starting to see my lips become dry, which is a good sign that it is taking affect. I really do hope this drug will do something, but I have tried so many things, that I am not expecting anything at all. I have tried nizoral and steroids to no avail...and any soap on my face irritates the hell out of my skin.

            I will let you know how things are as the days progress.


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              Good luck with the accutane containedd

              Well i went to the derm today and it turns out i do have seb derm. She was quite surprised i was even diagnosed with rosacea. Anyway she looked me over for both the acne and seb derm.

              For the seb derm she prescribed me some fungal cream combined with 1% hyrdocortisone called Daktacort. One thing i didn't ask her was about the hyrdocortisone. I've heard that it can think your skin if used for too long. She told me to try this for 2 weeks then use it as of when i need it. Will this cause damage to my skin though? is it strong enough?

              As for the acne she prescribed me minocycline. I remember what clfergus said about the antibiotics so i'm a little cautious but i'll do anything to get rid of this acne at the moment so i'm going to give it a shot. She also gave me a cream containing 2.5% benzyl peroxide. Another thing i forgot to ask the derm was about putting this on areas where i have seb derm because i also get spots in some of the same places. I guess this could irritate my seb derm couldn't it!?

              Anyway she said things could take upto 3 months to make a difference so i'll see how iit goes. Finally good to get a confident diagnosis


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                So it has been little over 1 month and my seb derm is a lot less red since the accutane and Nizoral shampoo I threw in a few weeks ago. My derm said that my face looked great and he was amamzed that I was only on the accutane for 1 month...but I pretty much started accutane with a mild case of acne/seb derm. I also got a prescription for nizoral 2% strength only because I asked for it. He bumped me up to 60mg a day of accutane....not sure why cause I was fine with just 30mg so we will see.

                I am afraid to go off the accutane though because I really don't want the oil to start back up. BTW, I took antibiotics only to see either no results or a worsening in the condition.


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                  Sounds like your doing well Containedd! 30mg sounds quite a high dosage for someone with seb derm, let alone 60mg. I'm not familiar with doses that well but heard that a low dose routine is preferred with seb derm otherwise it can aggrevate the seb derm. How long have you been on 60mg? Has got any better? worse?

                  I really want to give low dose accutane a go but when i mentioned it to my derm she started realing off the side effects, of which im sure wouldnt be as bad on a low dose. Plus it would help with my acne. I've been on the minocycline for nearly a month now and it has helped tremendously along with some other acne products. I think it has slightly irriated my seb derm though.

                  I recently went to the doctor because i'm not keen on using the steroid cream i was given. She gave me some daktarin, which is basically the same cream without the steroid. I find the moisture of the cream seems to feed the seb derm and my face was feeling a little more itchy. This could be the antibiotics though.

                  I've also started using apple cider vinegar. After reading how to aply it over the net i decided to give it a go. I've started out with a 3:1 ratio, 3 parts water and 1 part ACV. I apply it with a cotton pad in the morning and at night. It definitely seems to have helped with the base redness, still some visible though if you look closely. I've been using it now for 5 days annd have noticed a difference. Im gunna continue using it for a few more days then up the amount of AVC slightly and see how it goes. I havn't found applying the AVC to irritating, it stings a very small amount. Does make my eyes water a little though


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                    I tried drinking the ACV with no affect. My derm said that accutane will make the seb derm worse, which makes me think why the hell I am taking this. One thing is for sure though, the blackheads and whiteheads have slowely been going away. I usually have fairly small ones where I shave...but they will probably return when I go off accutane.

                    I really do not know where to go after the next few months. I have little hope of accutane getting rid of whatever I have. It seems that some days I am sure that I have seb derm while others I think it is something else like demodex mites. I would be fine in doing lasers, but the areas affected are not only the cheeks, but rather the forehead, chin, sideburns area, and nasal folds. My symptoms seem to be common, but all treatments fail in the end.

                    Most days are spent with me occasionally thinking about suicide while the others I reflect upon how childish the whole ordeal is. I know that a lot of people contemplate it, and I am not saying it is reasonable, but when you look at yourself everyday countless times, you learn how to hate yourself and see imperfections that you were once OK with.

                    Anyways....I see my derm in a few more weeks so I will report back new medicines I will be using and of course new false


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                      Im sorry to hear your feeling that way dude! I still think your on quite a high dosage for seb derm though. Maybe you should enquire about going to 10-20mg, i wouldn't be surprised if 60mg would irritate your skin. Its your skin afterall and you should have the final say on your dosage! What is your exact routine at the moment? Products, diet etc.?

                      I can really sympathize with you containedd. I think it's fair to say we've all been in your position with the same frame of mind as you at some stage. I certainly have had some **** days and some better ones. I can only give advice from my own experience of this chronic illness and that is to be patient and take each day as it comes. I was in your position some weeks back and avoided mirrors at every chance, ignorance is bliss! It sounds crazy, i never had a problem with looking in mirrors but coupled with my acne i couldnt even face myself. Things are starting to steadily get better with diet, finding a routine that works for you, exercise. Without wanting to sound like im preaching, you have just gotta get out and do things which make you feel better. Don't sit inside contemplating what life would be like without the disease. PM me if you ever want to chat

                      My skins a bit weird at the moment......maybe it's me. I think something is working, for eg. ACV and after a while it stops working. Anyway i've cut that out now, only using it on my acne. And on my seb derm areas i've cut it down to the very basics. Wash with CeraVe lotion morning and night (cheers clfergus for the heads up). Ive been using daktarin cream also morning and night but very small amounts (literally a dab on the finger) so as not to make my skin to greasy. So far so good! The daktarin didn't seem to work with the ACV but is now. My trouble area seems to be above the moustache line, still a little red but the sides of my nose don't seem as red. Hopefully i havn't jinxed it!

                      I also wash with ket.shampoo 2/3 times a week, alternating between selsun blue, nizorelle and nizoral every week or so. I find washing with a light moisturising wash like CeraVe after the shampoo also helps. I believe there's an ingredient in all these shampoos called sodium laurel or sodium laureth which blocks yours pores. Ive noticed before using cerave that i did get spots round the areas i used the shampoo.

                      From today i've also started on Mutlibionta Probiotic Multi Vitaminss. I have a pretty poor immune system. Had flu 3 times this year and am always getting problems with my sinus's in the winter. So hopefully they'll help healing me from the inside-out


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                        Everything is not so bad for you. If you approach the treatment correctly, then you will succeed.