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Redness on one cheek, possibly rosacea?

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  • Redness on one cheek, possibly rosacea?

    Hi! Sorry for any mistakes, English isn't my first language

    Does this look like rosacea to you? I've seen 3 derms and I haven't been properly diagnosed still, looking for any info I can possibly get.
    The redness is much worse on my right cheek, the skin there feels a bit tight and shiny, it always looks somewhat "dirtier". My left cheek is fine, a little rosy sometimes, but nothing out of the usual. I get some pustules (mostly on the right cheek) that feel very hot when they form - I popped one of them once, it was filled with some transparent fluid. The texture of the cheek isn't bumpy or rought, it also doesn't get very dry. I feel warmth and discomfort when I get a flare. My heart rate and skin temperature go up, too. Covering my face with a mask and changes in temperature (like entering a warm room in winter) seem to be making it way worse. It seems like the quality of my sleep plays a part, too. Alcohol doesn't affect it tho. It's also not an allergic rash. I've been treated with Isotretinoinum 20mg (one pill every 2 days) for 2 months, but it didn't really help much with the redness.
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