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  • Red eyelids

    Hi there, I’ve been to an optometrist, ophthalmologist and medical doctor, and several prescriptions later, no one can tell me what Is going on with my eyelids.
    In June, my eyelids became itchy and inflamed. I was prescribed antibiotic drops and stopped Latisse immediately (I had been using Latisse since April). Within a week, my eyelids became dark red/purple eyelids above the lash line. My ophthalmologist thought maybe it was blepharitis and had me start tobradex. The dark red/purple remained. They then thought It was an allergic reaction and had me stop everything and my eyelids stayed the same. They then prescribed me another ointment (erythromycin) and no change. The last doctor thinks it’s ocular rosacea so I’m now on oral antibiotics for several weeks and still no improvement. My eyelids are pinkish in the morning and a dark red/purple line appears by the end of the day. My eyes are extremely dry but no other symptoms of blepharitis or Demodex. I don’t wear makeup, haven’t used Latisse for two months and only use Cetaphil as a moisturizer.

    I would love your opinion - is this from latisse? Is this ocular rosacea?

    I’ve pasted photos here: