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Rosacea - can this be Demotex induced?

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    Originally posted by Reddevil View Post
    And what about the broken capillaries? I guess they won't disapear (or become less) without any laser treatment, right?
    Originally posted by Reddevil View Post
    Dear all,

    I've been scanning and reading about all the threads from the last years
    Just to give you my story: I've always had quite a good skin (except for the acne in my puberty years), just some oily nose and forehead but nothing too serious. More than 2 years ago, I noticed my upper temples getting slightly redder permanently, but I never really cared about it. I also got very dry skin, combined with the oily nose and forehead ('mixed' skin) Starting from last year, it got worse and worse and I started using a lot of OTC creams that didn't seam to work at all. I began to notice very small thread veins on my nose and cheeks, of course making the redness worse.

    Last month I went to a dermatologist who diagnosed me with Rosacea (something I already diagnosed myself with after a lot of reading on Dr. Google) .
    He prescribed me a 0,75% Metrodinazol creme and SVR Sensifene (some calming creme/lotion). I've been on it now for a month but I don't see any improvement - I even think it got worse. Besides from the very red cheeks and nose including some whiteheads, I do have some very small pimples on my forehead but nothing too serious. I now started using Cetaphil cleanser the last couple of days, hoping this will work a bit on the pimples.

    I've included a picture below:

    Do you think it could be Demotex induced and that I should ask my derm for a Ivermectine cream? Or do the symptoms look different (not that much P&P's) that it could be something else? Will IPL/laser be the only solution you think (since I have the many spider veins).

    Thanks for your suggestions!
    My skin lools similar ,enlarged pores ,visible veins , and ,do you have the white plugs inside your pores as well ? And have you ever flushed ?
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      Zz cream

      Does anyone know if the sulfer in the zz cream is the same as SULFA drugs? I?m allergic to sulfa drugs like bactrim and septra but just ordered the zz cream because of all the positive things I heard. Not sure I can use it though.