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  • New member looking for answers/solutions

    Hi all

    I've had Rosacea since I was like 5, 25 now. I get it just on my cheeks, they're pink most of the time but heat, anxiety, alcohol, spicy foods and exercise trigger them to flush and go red. I've come to understand there is no permanent cure, but I'm curious to see what can be done to conceal it. I'm a dude so I don't particularly want to use make up, I have a beard which covers like a 3rd of it, but I'm wondering if there is some type of cream that could be used to conceal the redness. I don't like the idea of the lazer treatment, but I am however considering trying some meds.

    So my questions to you guys are:

    - What kind of skin product would you recommend for a guy like me?
    - What medication in your experiences have you found to be effective in reducing redness and/or flushes?
    - Is there a sunscreen that can potentially act like a concealer?

    ALSO! I want to know if this has happened to you guys - Whenever I get motion sickness or if I'm about to spew my Rosacea goes away completely, so I'm wondering if there's a correlation between that and getting rid of Rosacea. Whether it's some sort of chemical released in your system or if it's just like reduced blood flow to your head. It's got me thinking that perhaps a drug that can somewhat induce that motion sickness feeling could relieve Rosacea, I dunno... maybe I'm alone on this one ha.

    Thanks in advance!