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Please please help! I'm desperate for advice!

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  • Please please help! I'm desperate for advice!

    I've spent so much time reading many different threads on this forum, it's been great and really helped me so far. BUT I've hit a bit of a wall and I am desperate for advice.

    First some details about me, I'm 30 years old, and I've never had any skin problems or allergy issues in the past. My diet is clean Monday to Friday with some cheat meals on the weekends.

    The background, around 2 years ago I had a strange reaction whilst drinking, my face all puffed up and was really red (photos to come). This didn't happen again for ages. Fast forward to now and I can no longer drink beer, wine or cider as I instantly get that reaction. The strange thing is it doesn't happen with vodka, gin or spiced rum. I'm not sure about other spirits as those are the only ones I've tried. Although annoying this isn't a huge issue as I can just not drink or if I really want to I can just drink spirits.

    The issue is in the last 8 months i started to develop a bit of an issue with blushing/flushing, dealing with groups of people is a bit part of my job and the flushing was becoming a bit of an issue. I saw my gp for this and was prescribed Propranolol. I must say its been fantastic and completely controls the flushing. Sometimes it feels like it may happen but doesn't.

    Recently though I've started flushing to many other triggers such as heat, excessive exercise (although I go red all over with this and it lasts for over an hour). Also I've had some permanent redness appear either side of my nose. Sometimes it's smooth, sometimes it's really bumpy and can look pretty bad.

    I finally got to see a Derm and he said he thinks its sub Derm due to the roughness, he gave me hydrocortisone cream to use twice a day and Nisoral shampoo. Now I've looked long and hard at sub Derm and I personally don't think it's that as I don't currently have any dry skin on my face or scalp (although I did have a bout of dry skin which lasted a good few weeks a few months ago). He said try this treatment for 6 weeks then go back. I'm also having allergy tests done in a few weeks to try and determine what's making me flare in alcoholic drinks. Personally I think these are non related! I just think they've developed at the same time.

    When I left the Derm I didn't feel to confident as he didn't seem to ask me many questions, I felt like I was doing most of the talking. I'm including some pics, if anyone has any info for me on what they think it may be that would be great!!!

    Thanks for reading this massive thread ha.

    Alcoholic drink flushes - HTML (for eBay, Craigslist, blogs, websites)
    Top pic - in the night, bottom - morning Direct
    Average face - Direct
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    Photos won't show??

    I'm trying to get the pics to show but I can't for some reason


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      Average face -

      Top - Night, Bottom - Morning

      Beer, cider, wine not spirit flushes -

      I do have more pics if you guys feel it would help to see them.


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        Originally posted by Jabarian View Post
        I'm trying to get the pics to show but I can't for some reason
        You have to make a few posts before you can use pictures


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          I would strongly recommend that whatever it is, you avoid using the steroids. My derm prescribed it for me when I first had seb derm. It has thinned my skin and I believe it has caused my Rosacea.

          Don't take my word for it, do a google search for steroids and skin thinning.

          If it turns out to be seb derm, look at the Honey Treatment on this forum. It is a natural approach that has worked for many people including me.


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            Apparently my pics are with the admin team, they will check im not trying to sell anything then allow the post ha.

            I've read a little about the skin thinning, ive only been using it for 2 weeks, he said try 6 weeks before going back. It is the mild version as well. Does that still sound like to much? In reference to the Nizoral, any ideas if its safe on your face?

            I'd be keen to hear what kind of results you've gained from the honey treatment? Is there any science behind the method?

            Thanks for the replys as well!!


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              I'm not a doctor or a derm, but have had seb derm for 20 years and Rosacea diagnosed about 6 weeks ago.

              Everyone's skin reacts differently to things.

              Based on my personal experience that doesn't look like seb derm. Mine is just on my cheeks next to my nose and on my forehead. It gets quite rough and inflamed rather than just smooth red skin. It takes a number of days if not weeks to die down.

              I'm guessing what you have MAY be Rosacea, but I'm not qualified to give a diagnosis.

              I'm sure steroids are ok as a one off for a few days. However, from bad personal experience I will NEVER let steroids touch my skin again.

              If you want to know more about the honey treatment do a search for it on this forum (in fact I'm sure there is a stickie at the top of this section.) Whether it will help your condition, who knows, but it's a completely natural approach so I guess there s no harm.


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                Sorry, meant to say that the honey treatment has controlled my seb derm 95% and I haven't even finished the full suggested course.


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                  Originally posted by GaryxG View Post
                  Sorry, meant to say that the honey treatment has controlled my seb derm 95% and I haven't even finished the full suggested course.
                  Thanks for the reply! What now does your rosacea react to the honey treatment? Does your rosacea look similar to what I've got?


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                    I think my Rosacea reacts ok to the honey treatment. Initially I thought it helped, but maybe that was just the seb derm dying down. I certainly don't think it makes it worse though.

                    My rosacea looks different to yours. It's more just on the "front" of my cheeks rather than around the side of my face. Mine is bumpy and I get the occassional P&P. However, it's hard to tell whether my terrible skin texture is caused by the Rosacea or years of trying to treat the Seb Derm.

                    I'm afraid you won't get a definitive answer from me as everyone is so different. That's why in my opinion Docs and Derms are useless as what works for one person doesn't work for another.

                    The best thing you can do is loads of research on this site and others.


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                      You are cute, don't worry. That does not seem seborrheic dermatitis for me; of course, I'm not a doctor, but we usually incur in a fallacy of authority in believing blindly on the authority of the specialists. From what you've said, it seems to be Subtype 1 of rosacea, everything corresponds to the symptoms. However, I have rosacea, but I don't remember having the symptoms of spontaneous flushing caused by any trigger; my skin have always been sensitive and my cheeks red. My dermatologist diagnosed me with rosacea a few weeks ago, but I did not have the chance to answer too many questions...or doing my own questions, like you. Why don't you ask your doctor to make you a biopsy, skin scraping or whatever to make a most reliable diagnosis?
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                        Thanks guys ...

                        Thanks for your reply's guys. I'll let yo know if I have any luck. Hope things are going ok for you at the moment.