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New Rosacea symptoms, seborrheic dermatitis?

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  • New Rosacea symptoms, seborrheic dermatitis?

    I was diagnosed with mild Rosacea about a year ago and was first prescribed 'Finecea' which was too harsh on my skin. My doctor then switched me to Klaron lotion which has done wonders for the past year. However, within the past week the sides and creases of my nose and under my nostrils began to flare up, sting, itch and dry out pretty bad. Even with a little extra moisturizer throughout the day, the redness and peeling skin continues. I have not experienced this at all before, so I'm looking for some help. My first instinct was to jump online and start researching, and all I have seemed to come across is 'Seborrheic Dermatitis'. I'm curious if both Rosacea and SD can coexist, and if anyone else has experienced something like this, or has later been diagnosed with both?

    Here are a few pictures. The dryness was very mild when I took them, but it gets to the point where there is clearly visible peeling skin around the sides of my nose.
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    That looks like a classic case of seb derm.


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      100% seborheic dermatitis. My nose is exactly like that. I'm using promiseb from my derm, but it seems to be more of a moisturizer than anything. Doesn't do anything for the redness. Try coconut oil. Helped me to a certain extent. Don't do steroids!!!!!

      And yes seb derm can coexist with rosacea. I think it's very common. I have the seb derm arond my nose, rosacea, and adult acne. Wow my skin is ****ed up.


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        It is common for SD and rosacea to exist. For more info click here.
        Brady Barrows
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          Zinc and tea tree oil

          Thank you for the information. I looked into zinc for possible remedies and came across Dr. Cynthia Bailey Skin Care. She has a kit for Rosacea/SD that includes a zinc face wash bar and a tea tree oil based lotion. I may give this a try before I go back to my dermatologist and get another expensive prescription.


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            I have had seb derm for over 20 years now and rosacea for nearly just as long. The SD comes and goes in its intensity
            and gets very bad in the winter, but the rosacea has progressed to the worst stage over this time and includes
            my eyes for some time now as well.

            I cannot treat either of them adequately and trying to treat one just upsets the other, as my skin is so thin and
            sensitive and fragile and with no normal outer barrier or abilty to retain any moisture.

            It is estimated that up to 6% of people have both conditions.


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              I'm the same as ozmik here. I've had both for about 14 years and haven't been able to get them under control. A low carb diet helps a bit but it's not a cure and hard to maintain with the ups and downs that skin problems bring. Topically wise, I haven't found anything that works without irritating my skin at some point. Accutane, even low dose helped me a lot but I believe it was a big cause of my dry eyes and possibly digestion issues. One of the only things I haven't tried actually is sodium sulfacetamide.

              Is your skin oily in general? I use clean and clear oil absorbing sheets (about 1 a day) if i'm out and my skin is getting oily. My skin always looks redder when it's oily.

              Good luck.