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Rosacea// Dery Skin/ Seb Derm?

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  • Rosacea// Dery Skin/ Seb Derm?


    What do my cheeks look like to you? I wake up with a flushed/hot face but gets better after I am up and showered. My face is really hot and burning but not too red except in the morning.

    I went to my doctor a month ago for a tight/dry/burning face. There was not redness at the time just some burning and a very tight feeling on my face. The wind really flares up the burning sensation--my doctor said that I just have sensitive skin.

    My derm prescribed me locoid topical steroid and it helped for a couple of weeks. The burning went away and there was no redness. I am still on the cream (day 35) and my symptoms are getting much worse.

    Is it possible I have steroid induced rosacea? The burning is horrible and my cheeks are so hot. I live with ice packs and cold compresses on them.

    Also, my skin is VERY dry and flaky. I have this flakiness behind my ears, at the nape of my neck with small pimples. My lips are also burning red.

    The main problem is the burning and tingling. I can't get it to stop. I want to add that I don't flush with change of weather or exercise.

    Any help would be very much appreciated!

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