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Latest Advances in Rosacea TX: Triple Pass Laser

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  • Latest Advances in Rosacea TX: Triple Pass Laser

    Below is a recent article that I published in Dermatolgy Times. As we are getting a lot of laser questions, this may be a good place to s

    Dr. Geoffrey Nase
    Ph.D. Neurovascular Physiologist
    Rosacea Research Specialist, IN


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    Dr. Nase,

    Great article. Although I live on the east coast, I am going to make the trip out west to treat with Dr Darm this summer. The technique you have developed is the right one, whereas my laser doc does only one pass, which is NOT clearing my redness.

    Thanks again for giving us hope!
    Looking for the cure


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      Dr Nase,
      Thanks for posting this. I wish all dr's were as passionate, AND compassionate as you.

      I didn't know there was such as thing as a Rosacea Treatment Center. Oooh I would be living there! LOL!

      I only wish more dr's and specialists were aware of all of this. Where I live we don't have Nd:YAG, we don't have N-Lite. We do have IPL though, as well as C02 and Erbium.

      When I first brought up my rosacea to my regular derm, he said "No. I've seen rosacea, and your face isn't it."
      I wondered why my face was red all the time, reacting to things that no one else's skin my age reacted to, and even sometimes turned bright red and burned without a reason. I saw another derm and my only question was "Is it possible I have rosacea?" He said "Not possible, you do." He feels frustrated because there is very little he can do for me treatment wise. We just don't have what a huge city would have.
      At the very least, I feel good that he feels frustrated, it's better than looking at me indifferently and saying "there, there."

      I'm more excited about getting your book than I am about celebrating my birthday. lol
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