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Rosacea News Jun 2007

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  • Rosacea News Jun 2007

    Rosacea News June 2007

    1. Trial recruiting for Pulse Dye Laser with Photodynamic Therapy

    TRIAL: The Bispebjerg Hospital in Copenhagen is currently recruiting patients for a study comparing the "efficacy and adverse effect from long-pulsed dye laser versus long-pulsed dye laser-mediated photodynamic therapy for acne vulgaris and rosacea." The study is titled Laser-Mediated Photodynamic Therapy of Acne Vulgaris and Rosacea

    2. cetaphil moisturizing cream helps rosacea dry skin

    PAPER: This study is saying that a gentle moisturizer is an important part of a rosacea beating regime. This was one of the gems that took me years to realize. In order to best treat rosacea, you will need to find a good gentle skin care routine. This routine should include a cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen. Any prescription or over the counter topicals can then be added to your gentle care regime.

    Beneficial use of Cetaphil(R) Moisturizing Cream as part of a daily skin care regimen for individuals with rosacea. J Dermatolog Treat. 2007;18(3):158-62., Laquieze S, Czernielewski J, Baltas E. , PERITESCO. Paris. France.

    3. anxiety, depression and being obsessed with your skin

    NEWSPAPER: From: This is London, from the Evening Standard: Train suicide of woman depressed by her wrinkles

    What a terribly sad story. Rosacea can be an all consuming disease and there is definitely a danger in becoming obsessed with your skin. The struggle to look normal can be too much for some, sadly. Please everyone realize that other people really aren't as interested or worried about your skin as you are. If you feel you aren't coping with your anxiety or feelings about yourself then please be brave enough to see a doctor and ask for some help.

    4. WP: Fashion & Beauty Article: Seeing Red

    NEWSPAPER: It is not very often than an online newspaper or news site features a half decent article about rosacea. This article from the Fashion & Beauty section of the Washington Post is reasonable for a mass audience paper. Rosacea is still a mystery to the population at large, so it is encouraging to see this sort of article.

    5. metrogel: how it gets into your skin

    PAPER: Two recently published papers look at the processes involved when you apply metrogel topically. The first abstract just tells us that they undertook some new ways of measuring metronidazole absorption, but doesn't reveal their results.

    The second abstract suggests that a cream based metronidazole formulation (presumably metrocream, but could also include Noritate) had the greatest absorption when tested with human skin. They suggest that future research is needed to determine if indeed this makes any difference to rosacea symptoms.

    6. demodex mite bacteria causes the inflammation ?

    PAPER: This paper is proposing that a particular type of bacteria taken from a demodex mite, called Bacillus oleronius is capable of producing an inflammatory response. As the mite was isolated from a patient with papulopustular rosacea the tempting conclusion is that this bacteria has caused these rosacea symptoms. This part is of course not confirmed, just the fact that it is possible to isolate a bacteria that causes an inflammatory response in humans.
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