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Intense pulsed light improves signs and symptoms of dry eye disease due to meibomian gland dysfunction: A randomized controlled study

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  • Intense pulsed light improves signs and symptoms of dry eye disease due to meibomian gland dysfunction: A randomized controlled study

    CONCLUSIONS: The results of this study suggest that, in patients with moderate to severe symptoms, combination therapy of intense pulse light (IPL) and meibomian gland expression (MGX) could be a safe and useful approach for improving signs of dry eye disease (DED) due to meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). Future studies are needed to elucidate if and how such improvements can be generalized to different severity levels of MGD.


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    IPL kills demodex. That is a medical fact. SIBO is VERY STRONGLY associated to Rosacea SubType 2 and 3 (ocular rosacea aka blepharitis demodex) where demodex skin mites are also VERY STRONGLY associated to both the skin and eye conditions. Ocular rosacea is caused by the mites eating/living in the eye's oil glands (Meibomin Glands) which leaves the eyes excruciatingly dry. This condition is frequently misdiagnosed as mgd or dry eye disease. IPL definitely helps kill off demodex on the surface. However, the condition can reoccur since the root cause of this type of Rosacea is IN THE GUT.

    Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth and/or possibly Small Intestinal Fungal Overgrowth is the real culprit. SIBO/SIFO screw up the immune system leading to a severe overpopulation of demodex skin mites on the surface of the skin. While the mites train wreck the skin and eyes and do the surface damage, the CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM IS IN THE GUT. This type of Rosacea is a systemic problem not just a surface/topical problem. Test for SIBO/SIFO. Identify the specific bacteria and/or specific fungus CAUSING the problem. Identify the best treat for that specific bacteria and/or specific fungus. Problem solved. Permanently.

    Treating the surface mite infestation typically takes 2 once a week doses of Oral Ivermectin amount based on body weight. The Ivermectin treatment kills the mites all over the body including those down in the eye glands which are very hard to treat topically.

    Oral Metronidazole (very inexpensive) is highly effective against Bacteriodes and Eggerthella Lenta which are at least 2 of the known bacteria species that cause SIBO. Oral Metronidazole has been effective against non-drug resistant H. Pylori. H. Pylori has been associated with Rosacea Subtype I.

    Rifaximin (very expensive) is excellent for treating some types of E. Coli but may not work as well against other types of bacteria. An Endoscope test to collect liquid from the small intestine which is then cultured for bacteria and fungus will identify the specific pathogen(s) causing the SIBO/SIFO. Given a correct diagnosis, treatment to clear the condition typically takes about 2 weeks.