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Does the sun help KPRF?

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  • Does the sun help KPRF?

    Hey everyone,

    I have suffered form KPRF for as long as I can remember. It has fluctuated throughout the years. The only thing that I know makes it flare up really badly is if I over heat a lot. I have always loved the sun and naturally get sort of tan. The days where I sit by the pool I notice that as I am by the pool my face gets really red and I think it is because of the sun. After I go inside however my skin looks almost better than ever.

    So today did a little experiment. It is about 92 and cloudless here in miami. I put on some spf 60 all over my face which irritates the hell out of my cheeks for a couple minutes then it calms down. Then i sat out by the pool with my face directly in the sun until I felt uncomfortable. I made it so I never felt overheated or flushed. Whenever I felt hot, I just jumped in the cold pool. I made sure to apply more sunscreen about every 25 minutes as well.

    After a couple of hours I went inside and found my face actually felt a lot smoother and less red.

    Pics i took while laying by the pool and then after I came inside, showered, put some of my tinted moisturizer on.

    One of the only reasons I decided to try this was because I was looking at some old pictures of me where I would spent every day outside skateboarding as a kid. No sunscreen, hat nothing and my face actually looked pretty smooth and dark.

    I don't recommend anyone trying what I did but I can say that maybe the sun is just correlated to making redness worse as it can cause overheating which leads to flushing more capillaries being opened etc, but not a causation. The kprf on my arms looks just more tan now and the bumps looks smoother and less noticeable as well.

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