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Interesting article and a question...

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  • Interesting article and a question...

    Scientists at the University of Bristol have identified the trigger for immune cells' inflammatory response - a discovery that may pave the way for new treatments for many human diseases.

    So this is a recent article I think and maybe I'm being totally non sense but here is a question based on what I've been reading. Because, along with the whole study, which is by itself a good hope I guess, I've stumbled upon these few words you can read in it ... : "Understanding how one signal (in this case a dying cell) can influence the ability of an immune cell to respond to a subsequent signal" (which is related to this statement btw : "Our study found that immune cells must first become 'activated' by eating a dying neighbouring cell before they are able to respond to wounds or infection."

    So maybe my ignorance is responsible for a "scientifical" misregard, but even I somewhat get what this study is about, I can't take myself from asking this : Am I the only one that feels like is allergic to his own body ? I mean, thay talk about dying cell in a microscopic way, ok, but what about dyin'g cell that we actually can see ? Like dead skin. Everytime I wash my face with cool running water, my face calms for 2/2 and a half day, and maybe this could be thanks to get dead skin out ? And what about falled hair ? Any kind of hair I mean : I noticed a long time now, that my eyelashes, when lying on my face while I don't notice (lot of them falls as many of you I guess) cause a breakout ? The same happend with my body hairs or my hairs. : when they falled down somecher on my skin, it would result in a sebderm breakout at the site of the fall of the hair !! WTF ?? lol ok I calm down but really ? Am I the only one ?

    Good luck to all
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