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Another look at boswellic acids

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  • Another look at boswellic acids

    Ages ago, iDan reported delayed adverse reactions to the supplement boswellia.
    He found a study/studies which showed that the inhibition of leukotreines (using a different agent), resulted in increased pathogen load.
    Boswellic acids inhibit leukotrienes and as a result can be useful anti inflammatory agents.

    However, it would appear that the story is not as simple as it might appear. Plants are notorious for having muliple effects, many of which aren't documented.
    Prof Ayers used to tell me that plants were no friend of his, as it was impossible to determine all the effects, some of which are not always friendly.

    That aside, it would appear that the multiple effects of boswellic acids are many and they might include some anti bacterial effects. What that might mean to us, I have no idea. Perhaps it might be helpful against gut infections, but have the opposite effect on systemic infections due to absorption problems?

    What I can report is this.

    Recently I had an IPL treatment as my upper cheeks were a mess. (My antibiotic regime won't repair this). Despite discussion with the doc prior to treatment, he used too high an energy and my face swelled badly. I was very distraught and not wanting to take prednisone, I cautiously tried boswellia.
    The brand I have is very high dose. That is all I could get.
    I felt weird, kind of spacy. My facial swelling did decrease however, although I am now much redder and have more visible vessels than prior to treatment <sigh>. Now I will have to have another treatment

    I had researched boswellia before testing it, but there always seems to be more info to find... after side effects set in!
    It would appear that in high doses, it can lower blood pressure. ( I have been monitoring mine over the past week and yes, it does).
    I hit the internet again and found it might have ACE inhibitor efects. Some people take these to reduce flushing.
    I began to wean myself off boswellia as I fear horrible rebound.
    The mention in the literature was attributed to boswellia elongate, not serrata, but seeing no one has fully documented all effects of the acids, I am not ruling out that my brand isn't capable of this effect as well. Especially as lowered blood pressure is mentioned in the general literature.

    I have noted that some people find their script ACE inhibitors start to lose their benefits and I have to wonder if this might be happening in those who initially find boswellia helpful, only to find they worsen over time?
    Irrespective of any other adverse immunomodulation which might happen?


    Anyway, some reading if anyone is interested.
    Previous Numerous IPL.
    Supplements: High dose Niacinamide, Vit K2, low dose Vit A. Moderate Dose Vit C, Iodine, Taurine, Magnesium. Mod- dose B's. Low dose zinc. Testing Quercetin.

    Skin Care: No Cleanser, ZZ cream mixed with Niacinamide gel 4% and LMW HA 2%, ethyl ascorbate 2%.

    Treating for gut dysbiosis.(This is helping).
    Previous GAPS diet. Have now introduced lots of fibre.
    Fermented Foods. Intermittent fasting -16-18 hours.
    Oral Colostrum. Helps reduce food reactions.