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Rosacea News February 2011

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  • Rosacea News February 2011

    Rosacea News February 2011

    1. 4% Quassia Amara Extract as good as Metrogel and Finacea

    A just published abstract introduces a botanical extract for the treatment of rosacea. Researchers from the National University of Córdoba in Spain compared a topical gel containing 4% Quassia Amara with Metrogel and Finacea. The extract compared favourably to these established rosacea topicals, and thus might offer an alternative ...

    2. Tea Tree Oil may help skin cancer lesions

    Some recent studies highlighted today from the University of Western Australia’s Tea Tree Oil Research Group. Who would have known that tea tree oil was interesting enough to have its own research group! Tea tree oil is interesting to rosacea sufferers firstly because it has been shown that tea tree oil can demodex mites. Secondly there is some research that shows that tea tree ...

    3. Bad Acne can lead to suicidal thoughts in teenagers

    This study, undertaken in Norway finds that bad acne can of its own accord, induce suicidal thoughts in teenagers. Being a teenager can be tough. Being a teenager with bad skin and good mental health can be even tougher. If this study bears out in the larger population, then it is worth knowing that acne alone can be responsible for teenagers, most ...

    4. Neuropeptide PACAP Modulators for Neurogenic Rosacea

    The recently published paper that called for the creation of Neurogenic Rosacea subtype contained an interesting disclosure.

    We are told that one of the paper’s authors, Professor Martin Steinhoff MD PhD , holds a related patent and research grant from Galderma. Dr. Steinhoff, along with Dr. Feramisco, received a $25,000 grant in 2010 from the National Rosacea Society.

    Perhaps this below is the grant …

    5. How do you treat Neurogenic Rosacea?

    This article is the third in a series featuring Neurogenic Rosacea. The first two articles are here: Neurogenic Rosacea: a new subtype for those with dysfunctional facial nerves and What is Neurogenic Rosacea?

    Recently a group of doctors from Stanford became the first to publish a …

    6. What is Neurogenic Rosacea?

    A recent paper in Archives of Dermatology proposed a new rosacea subtype that is to be called Neurogenic Rosacea.

    Before we tackle the question of What is neurogenic rosacea?, and How do I know if I have it?, lets step back and look at why a new subtype might be helpful.

    7. Neurogenic Rosacea: a new subtype for those with dysfunctional facial nerves

    A just-published paper in the Archives of Dermatology is calling for the recognition of a new rosacea subtype – Neurogenic Rosacea.

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