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  • Acrylamide

    Acrylamide is a known toxic substance possibly created by heating starchy foods to high temperatures and is found at high levels in many processed foods that are rich in carbohydrate. Whether this toxic substance has anything to do with rosacea or not will take research and development to find out. For more information, do a Google search on acrylamide or just check this one url >

    What has this to do with rosacea? No one can definitely know what causes rosacea. Many have decided that the cause is related to a flushing disorder and is a vascular problem. Ok, if that is true what would cause it? Some say it is a genetic disorder and study of the genes is what is needed. Ok. But what if acrylamide which is a known toxic substance is somehow related to triggering this vascular problem, or in some way is a factor in not only rosacea, but manifests itself in other vascular disorders like heart disease, stoke, hypertension, and diabetes, which are by the way vascular disorders too? The above article put out by the US FDA says that the Swedish study says that acrylamide is a carcinagen and a neurotoxin. But what else may this chemical do to people over the long haul? Could acrylamide be a factor in rosacea? Only research will tell. Right now no one knows much about this chemical that is in heated carbohydrate rich food. For more information check this url >