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Under the lash: Demodex mites in human diseases - new full article on pubmed

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    50% Sweet almond oil and 50% of the TTO

    Just posted by Maleman


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      Originally posted by Brady Barrows View Post
      • Freshly prepared camphor oil ...
      • Oil of Oregano ...
      • 50% Sweet Almond Oil and [Ti Tree Oil]
      camphor essential oil and most varieties of oregano essential oil are not okay to use on the skin; and if you use ti tree oil on your skin a four or five percent dilution is what's appropriate and safe, not 50%.

      please be careful, people.

      and mrsmoof was asking about dealing with the bacteria that demodex mites generate, not about dealing with the mites themselves. i hope he's directing that question at the doctor he's corresponding with, since that's who's doing the study ...
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        Originally posted by Wistar View Post
        I am absolutely convinced papulopustular rosacea is due to a hypersensitivity to the mites themselves or to bacteria carried within infected mites. I think the reason why some people have improvement with antibiotics, is because it kills the bacteria in the skin. But unless the mite is also killed, the bacteria will return every time another mite dies releasing it's payload of bacteria into the skin, fueling a continuous cycle.
        Wistar, you posted this over on this thread a while back. I think you are bang on the money.

        I've started this thread to look specifically at the treatment options and included a section i found on demodex mites increasing bacteria on the skin. It's nice to meet someone doing lots of research on this subject


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          Originally posted by Michael_V View Post
          Yes, Doug, that may well be right.

          I believe that vitamin D plays an important role in overall health and human immune function. It may well have a role in the treatment of rosacea. I believe that medicine should be evidence based and guided by empirical data. A healthy skepticism protects us from superstition.
          I was disappointed that 3 or 4 months of topical ivermectin didn't make a dent in my severe flushing rosacea. I thought it might seeing I awoke to thirty outbreaks of pustules every morning, with more appearing constantly throughout the day. These were controlled reasonally well once changing my antibiotics, but not eliminated.