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  • Please help.

    I am new to this site and would appereciate any help. I have had full-blown rosacea for two years now, and am getting to the point were I am desperate. The only meds I have been on is Tetracycline which helps somewhat controlling the flushing but I cannot use it when it is sunny and I have to go out. I am in Northern Ireland and my GP has said there is no other med available over here. I have also tried Rosex and Metrogel both of which made my skin a million times worse. I go through bad days and good days just like everyone else on here, but I find that the week before that time of the month I am at my worst. I have suggested to my GP that my hormones are too blame, all she suggested was the pill, which I am too scared to take in case it makes it worse.

    At the moment all I am taking is an antihistamine for the itching which has helped and using a sun block containing no alchol.

    I have rosacea on my cheeks, nose, ears, neck, top of back and sometimes get burning across my ribs.

    What i would like to know is what should I try regarding meds to flushing which is my biggest problem. I should have said I have tried propanlol which made things worse. I can flush on a bad day about 6 times, and on a good day none. And what is best to reduce redness.

    With regarding food, I have cut out chocolate, yogurt, all spicy foods, coffee. But I still drink tea. Should I cut this out as well? I dont drink or smoke.

    Any advice would be much appreciated. I feel as if I am living in hell with this.

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    Low dose accutane would probably help.


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      Has accutane got any steroid in it and is available in the UK?


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        Here are past posts re: accutane.


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          I have no idea about accutane for flushing-- but if you take accutane, you will have to take birth control pills if you are sexually active with a male. If thats the case, you could just try the birth control pills first. Though they take some time to work. I don't know about for flushing but for acne, you have to be on them for a long time to see if they are working. Seems like if you notice a difference through your cycle, it would be good to level out those hormones IMO.

          Another suggestion would be that if you can, find a doctor you really like and agree with and is 100% committed to helping you. Second, third, etc. opinions can help sometimes.

          Pretty sure others can comment on the benefit of lasers.
          Dx: Feb 2008
          Tx: Nucelle (Mandelic Acid) products, Finacea, Doryx 100 mg, Nicomide, Grape seed Extract 200 mg, Propranolol 80 mg, Spironolactone 150mg, Probiotics


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            It might be worthwhile investigating seb derm if you are suffering from itching.

            This is a good link that rounds up current rosacea treatments and advice


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              I can only speak from my experiences with facial rosacea, but here's what I've discovered has worked for me in fighting this crap for almost 10 years:

              1) Prosacea anti-rosacea gel. You can buy it online if you cannot find it in stores there. I go to to get it bi-monthly, though you'll have to find a site that does overseas shipping I would think.

              2) Try to find a titanium dioxide-based facial sunscreen cream. Not only will the SPF 30 fight sun damage but it'll also calm the redness and smooth your skin.

              3) Dietary. I'll be the first to say I was a steak,fries, & beer guy, 7 days a week, for the longest time. I've radically changed my diet in the past year. Now my diet is essentially no carb (under 15 grams per day), protein & fiber based. Things like alcohol I stay far away from as much as possible, and enjoy very sparingly. I don't even touch candies, sugars, caffeine products, or any of that stuff. I've found it only exacerbates it for me.