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Rosacea, or just facial blushing?

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  • Rosacea, or just facial blushing?

    I am a 20 year old male from California and have been dealing with what I thought was rosacea. The more I read around on here and looked at pictures the more it made me believe maybe rosacea is not what I have. Instead, maybe I have a case of just chronic facial blushing. I have been dealing with this (whatever it is) since about my freshmen year of high-school.

    My symptoms:

    I -NEVER- flush in the morning. I can wake up, take a shower, and be on my way and never flush. Certain days, come mid day is where I start to have problems. I have noticed more-so in classroom situations (giving speeches, group discussions, etc) - if it is a day I am working (I work outside) I usually never flush. Going from cold to hot environments can also sometimes trigger a flush. My flushing usually is never bad in the morning hours. Where I notice most of my flushing is when I come home, hop in the shower, and get out. My face can stay a dark, dark red for up to 2 hours sometimes before subsiding. Along with this is an uncomfortable, tingly, burning sensation. Unlike most people on here - my nose does not get red. Only my upper cheeks, neck, and forehead a bit. The tingling, burning sensation is ONLY felt in my cheeks and neck.

    I must say my condition is probably no where as intense as most people on here - but those times I flare up can be quite uncomfortable. I have no bumps on the skin - and my skin is actually quite smooth. I do suffer from pretty dry skin though, but only when coming out of the shower. What I have noticed lately is that during the middle of an episode my pores become very enlarged. Even when I am totally fine I notice my pores do look a bit big. My face seems to have a permanent, light red tint to it in areas I flush. I am Portuguese, so then again it could be a part of my complexion.

    As I was looking through the photos sub-forum I found a case which looked similar to mine for reference. Keep in mind, unlike the photos in the link below my nose DOES NOT get red during a flush.

    As well, I just recently started using an oil-free sunscreen when working outside ( I have never used any type of sunscreen on my face before). I noticed just after the first couple times of use when getting out of the shower after work I would not flush red.

    While not anywhere as severe as some people on here, make no mistake this has impacted my social life to an extent. Anytime i'm asked a question and feel uncomfortable, I will easily flush a bright red. Sometimes this will go away immediately and other times it can stay a while.

    I hope someone will be able to give me a direction or some more insight.

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    Sounds like rosacea to me... the burning sensations and the flushing that takes hours to subside are definite rosacea symptoms. I had the same symptoms when I was 20. You're actually lucky to know what you (may) have, so you can start treating it. My 20's got pretty tough before I realized what I had and became proactive. The good news is that, by diagnosing it early, you can spare yourself a lot of trouble by avoiding aggravating behaviors and implementing some beneficial ones.


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      I would recommend that you see a derm or a doctor, no one here is going to be able to give you a diagnosis. As steve said it does fit into some of the symptoms commonly described with rosacea.

      If you want to investigate the chronic blushing abit further I would suggest that you have a look here


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        I've tried the derm. They just don't seem to help. They say I look fine and do not see anything wrong. Then again, it is almost impossible to be having a full on flush while I am there.

        Are there any laser treatments to make the light redness tone on my face to disappear? In the morning hours I will look at my face and it will look completely one tone - how it should. As I progress throughout the day is when I start to notice the light redness become more apparent running along the cheek bone area.

        Now that I have been using that sunscreen it has helped TREMENDOUSLY. I do not feel myself flush hardly ever when getting out of the shower. I think a lot of my flushing had to do with the damage the sun was doing to my face from being outside every day - it irritated it, therefore making me flush more easily.

        Also, are there any laser treatments to subside the burning/tingling sensation?

        I am glad I am catching this early and with due time I am hoping it won't be a problem anymore. I have noticed a lot of it is mental though - if I sit and wonder, 'am i going to flush?' i am more likely to start psyching myself out and flush rather then if I just went on doing what I was doing.