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Question re use of red light therapy between laser treatments

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  • Question re use of red light therapy between laser treatments

    This is my first post, as I am new to the forum. I am hoping to get some feedback on whether or not it is safe and/or beneficial to use red light therapy in between laser treatment (VBeam), or is better to use one over the other. I recently tried Onreltea (Mirvaso) and am experiencing significant rebound flushing . I only used it for 3 days before stopping due to the adverse effects. Like many others who have used it, it has exacerbated my rosacea symptoms (when flushing it looks like I have a bad sunburn on my entire face including areas where I never had flushing before..). My next VBeam treatment isn?t until April 1st, so I?m wondering if red light therapy with an at home device could help in the interim. Would appreciate any feedback/insights. Also, I?d love to hear about other?s experiences with RLT devices. Thanks!

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    You seem to have a 'more is better' approach when treating your rosacea. There is some evidence that a 'less is more' approach might be a better approach. You be the judge.

    You obviously have knowledge of the rebound issue reported in several threads here at RF, i.e., this one. Might want to read this post about Treatment for Brimonidine Rebound.

    As to answering your question, have you asked your physician who is treating you with VBeam this same question about using red light therapy between treatments? Since you are putting your trust in this physician with VBeam wouldn't it be a good idea to continue trusting this same physician with asking whether this would be a good idea or not?
    Brady Barrows
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