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Rosasea etr meibomianitis and cant wear my glasses or contacts ! Help

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  • Rosasea etr meibomianitis and cant wear my glasses or contacts ! Help

    I have had rosasea for 3 months mostly burning nose to start with which I used topical metrogel and started working pretty quick - I used this twice a day for 9 weeks now I use once a day -
    I also have telangiectasia across the bridge of my nose and burning stinging sensation in the forehead
    I started to use cerave am and pm moisturiser on my face and the Stinging has 95 percent gone.
    I developed meibomianitis just this week and now use over the Counter eye drops and warm compress which are helping as directed by the eye hospital - they also found a small cataract - in 41 by the way .
    I also tend to have a greasy forehead some evenings and use Miceller water
    - my biggest issue now is I?m very short sighted I Can?t wear glasses due to the pain on the bridge of my nose and etr it aggravates- the skin appears to be very delicate. I can no longer wear my contact lenses as this seemed to bring on the meibomianitis or make it worse to the point I was in eye hospital Tuesday just gone .
    If anyone can help in suggestions solutions in overcoming the glasses issue it will be a life saver
    These symptoms all happened after being out in the sun during lock down. I?m convinced the sun has caused skin damage possibly nerve and skin barrier dysfunction and it?s interesting to note the moisturiser twice day with the cera ve has played a crucial part in reducing the stinging to zero and this took about a week to effect
    Anyway Help regarding glasses issue very much appreciated And look forward to reading responses : )