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Newbie with rosacea - mistaken for acne

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  • Newbie with rosacea - mistaken for acne

    Hi all,
    Newbie here. I'm Mario from Barcelona (Spain), found your forum after researching about rosacea. I was diagnosed a few months ago after I was told all my life that I just had juvenile acne, so of course my treatment was wrong all along. Oh well. With my new regimen my skin has been behaving quite well and I'm quite happy with that.
    Has anyone here been in the same scenario?
    Hope to connect with all of you, share my journey and learn a lot from your experiences.


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    Welcome Mario,
    While misdiagnosis is not common, it is not uncommon. I have collected a number of anecdotal reports of misdiagnosing rosacea or vice versa since rosacea looks like so many other skin diseases that present with erythema. You are blessed to have a regimen that is working for you. What is your rosacea regimen treatment that is working for you?
    Brady Barrows
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      Hi Brady, thanks for your kind words.
      I'm not sure if the products I use are available outside Spain. I use Multilind's cleanser and moisturizer (these ones:, and they're working quite well for my rosacea. They're very gentle with the skin, they're not corticoids (I only used corticoids as prescibed by my doctor on a flare up, but haven't had to in a while).


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        Never heard of Multilind. Glad it is working for you. I see Multilind is available at Amazon Spain.

        Corticoids are corticosteroids and you should be aware of Steroid Induced Rosacea.
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        Brady Barrows
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