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Unexpected improvement with magnesium supplement

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  • Unexpected improvement with magnesium supplement

    I have had Rosacea since I went thru menopause. Significant outbreaks of pimples and redness for which my dermatologist prescribed a low dose of doxycylcine.
    This helped but I stopped out this drug out of a fear of becoming antibiotic resistant and simply decided at my age to accept the bad complexion.
    My husband recently started taking a magnesium supplement for heart, stress, and anxiety issues and I joined him to basically share the process (and his illness was causing me stress) .
    When I started I was experiencing a major eruption with pimples showing up everyday but after about 3 weeks of taking the magnesium (300mg once a day), my pimples stopped appearing and the inflammation had disappeared.
    It has now been 2.5 months and I have not had any pimples in about 4 weeks. I even had a glass of red wine recently with no reaction.
    I still have some red tones in areas where I had had previous eruptions but, all in all, this is as good as when I was on the antibiotic.
    I just wanted to pass this on because I know how frustrating this condition is.

    I started to research this and understand that there are topical magnesium creams and oils and wonder if these are worthwhile.
    Some websites say that they can cause irritation so I would love to know if there are success stories here before I try them.