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Anyone have experience with plaques? Treatment suggestions?

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  • Anyone have experience with plaques? Treatment suggestions?

    Hi! New here to the forum.

    I'm one of those rosacea victims who has progressed from subtype 1 (flushing) to subtype 2 (p&p) to my current phase - itchy, swollen, and raised plaques. This is a totally new symptom to me and I'm at a loss of how to treat while I'm waiting to see a rosacea specialist.

    My current rosacea flare-up has been undergoing for 6 weeks and I've been unable to leave home the entire time.

    So any suggestions would be much much appreciated!

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    Welcome to RF christyc,

    Never heard of using plaque to describe rosacea since I have only heard this term used for teeth, but Wikipedia says "Plaque may refer to 'A broad papule, a type of cutaneous condition'," so I am assuming you mean papules? So what is your current treatment for your 'current phase - itchy, swollen, and raised plaques' in detail? Nothing? Or have you tried any treatment? Suggest you read my response to Eleven in this post.
    Brady Barrows
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      Hi Brady, thanks for replying! Trust me, plaques are a first for me, but are definitely a symptom of rosacea. See: Rosacea fulminans. My papules have essentially flattened, combined, and now are forming red, itchy, swollen land masses (plaques) on my cheeks.

      As the inflammation is pretty bad, I've been taking 100mg doxycycline every 12 hours as well as applying Elidel once in the morning and at night. So far, the higher dosage of antibiotics does seem to be helping so it seems like I'm on the right track.

      The dermatologist I saw confirmed my treatment plan and suggested adding Soolantra and a sulfar-based face wash in the morning. I haven't tried this yet but I'll report back once I've tested this for a week or so.