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  • Onreltea

    My doctor just prescribed this topical cream made by Galderma. Has anyone tried it? Any success?

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    Onreltea uses the active ingredient brimonidine tartrate, which is a vasoconstrictor. This is the same active ingredient used in Mirvaso (and I suspect in fact that Onreltea may be a rebranding of Mirvaso).

    I recommend you proceed with high caution regarding the use of this product.

    While some people have good results from brimonidine, there are a number of very negative reports online about Mirvaso. The primary complaint is that the product causes rebound redness and flushing when it wears off and, in some cases, I have read that this has led to a permanent worsening of people's erythema.

    Personally, I would never use it on my skin – but, as I say, it has helped some people.

    I advise you to spend a few hours searching this forum and elsewhere online and reading up on Mirvaso. If you decide that you would still like to use it, I recommend trialling it on a small patch of skin and keeping a close eye on results.