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How to tell if I have rosacea

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  • Brady Barrows
    Have you seen a dermatologist? If not, read this post. Internet diagnosis is not a good idea. Let us know what the diagnosis is.

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  • viper14king
    started a topic How to tell if I have rosacea

    How to tell if I have rosacea

    I was wondering how I can tell if I have rosacea or rhinophyma. Especially dnce I moved to a colder area, my nose has become really red and bulbous with it looking like a lump and patches of skin that are above the rest. However, even though my nose is oily, it also drys out Everytime I take a hot shower or wash my face despite using face moisturizer, leaving it chapped and skin peeling. The part of my face from below the eyes to above the cheeks are also really red with pores and get really dry but they don't have raised lumps of skin. I'm only 18 but my skin just looks abnormal. I thought it was just the weather that caused that but I don't know, because how would it make my nose bulbous? Nd what can I do to reduce the effects of whatever's going on? Are there any changes I need to make?