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Hey everyone, seb derm issues help please

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  • Hey everyone, seb derm issues help please

    Hey guys, Im an asian female suffering from seborrheic dermatitis (since 4 months ago). It's only on my scalp. I used all the medicated shampoos and they didn't work. I also used apple cider vinegar and sea salt rinses but once again, they didn't work. I started developing seb derm after continiously using selsun blue. I also applied aloe vera to the area which worsened the condition. Then, I switched to an all natural shampoo called Free and Clear and put in some jojoba oil because my scalp was super dry after using the shampoo. That seemed to make the seb derm spread. I then switched to Klorane, another all natural shampoo and that seemed to make it worse as well. Everyone always says harsher shampoos are bad for seb derm but could it be the opposite in my case? Is my scalp overproducing oils because my shampoo doesn't give any? What shampoos should I purchase? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Try eucerin anti dandruff shampoo. Make sure it is the one with climbazole and piroctone olamine in, both are anti fungal. It is the only one that makes a difference for me and I've tried them all

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      Try Mane n Tail Anti Dandruff Shampoo. If that fails, try Demodex Solutions Shampoo.
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